Streamlined Migration to OS 2.0 Boosts Performance and Functionality for Fashion Brand

Couture Candy

Brand: Couture Candy

Couture Candy is a leading online retailer specializing in women’s occasion wear. Known for high-end designer apparel at competitive prices, Couture Candy has delighted fashion-savvy and value-conscious consumers for over 15 years.


The primary objective of the project was to migrate the existing liquid theme to OS 2.0, a newer and more advanced version. However, the migration process came with its set of challenges:

  • Maintaining Custom Functionalities: The previous website featured complex product customization options, size and color selections, functionality to hide out-of-stock products, and a feature to display future delivery dates. Ensuring these functionalities seamlessly integrated into OS 2.0 required careful planning and execution.
  • Speed Optimization: The existing Liquid theme suffered from speed issues, impacting user experience. Addressing these speed issues and optimizing the website for faster loading times was crucial during the migration.


To achieve a successful migration to OS 2.0, we adopted a systematic approach:

Detailed Analysis

We started the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of the existing liquid theme to identify key areas for improvement and optimization. This involved detailed documentation of all custom functionalities and performance roadblocks.

Planning & Preparation

Based on the analysis, we developed a detailed migration plan outlining the steps involved, timelines, and resource allocation. This plan ensured that the transition to the OS 2.0 theme was structured and efficient.

Customization & Integration

We further customized the OS 2.0 theme to match Couture Candy’s branding and design requirements. This included integrating essential fashion industry features such as advanced search options, intuitive navigation & more. We also ensured that all custom functionalities, including product customization and out-of-stock product management, were seamlessly integrated.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We also conducted rigorous testing to ensure the migrated website functioned smoothly across various devices and browsers. Performance testing was a critical part of this phase, aimed at resolving any speed issues and optimizing loading times.

Couture candy


Despite the challenges encountered, the migration to OS 2.0 yielded promising results:

Enhanced Performance

The migration to OS 2.0 resulted in significantly faster loading times and smoother navigation, leading to a more enjoyable user experience for CoutureCandy’s customers.

Improved Functionality

The new OS 2.0 theme allowed for the integration of advanced functionalities, providing users with more options and features to explore, ultimately enhancing the website’s capabilities.

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