Sizing Up A New Audience To Boost ROAS Consistently

Brand: Model Chic

Model Chic is an Australian eCommerce fashion brand that specializes in elegant bridesmaids and formal dresses for women. The brand is known for its timeless designs, and because they offer the option to customize the dresses, women in Australia love shopping with the brand.


Model Chic approached our PPC experts to help with:

  • Improving their sales.
  • Increasing their ROAS.
  • Boosting website traffic during prom and wedding seasons


Our PPC experts knew there was a huge opportunity awaiting Model Chic, especially during prom season. While weddings were a continuous occurrence during the year, we wanted to run a PPC campaign that could help expand reach and brand awareness. Here’s how we did it:

  • Performance testing: We tested and combined broad match keywords with DSAs (Dynamic Search Ads) to better match user queries. This way, we could expand our reach. Once we had the list, we narrowed it further to focus on visitors who would better convert. This balancing of conversions allowed us to manage the client’s CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).
  • Bidding Optimizations: Our team optimized the targeting options across channels to find the best potential customers for Model Chic. While conducting our A/B tests, we found more ways our client could pay less for more clicks. Then, based on device, time, location, target audience, gender, and age, we optimized our bidding strategies to automate our bidding in a way that continues to yield high results.
  • Seasonal Ads:With prom season coming up, we streamlined our PPC campaign to target prom-goers. This way, we ran different campaigns for a targeted audience, thereby personalizing the product catalog to visitors. Our strategy resulted in high returns in ROAS.


56.50% increase in ROAS

WebSpero’s team of PPC experts could achieve constant results for the three goals:

  • New customer acquisition without exceeding the client’s PPC budget.
  • Scale revenue through different digital channels (Facebook and Google Ads).
  • Maximize current opportunities within Model Chic’s existing customer list.

Our results speak volumes:

In one year we helped Model Chic reach:

  • +719.82% increase in the clicks
  • +520.38% increase in the conversions
  • +699.64% increase in conversion value
  • +56.50% increase in the ROAS
  • -17.64% decrease in cost per conversion
  • -37.68% decrease in the average CPC

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