Integrating Custom Functionality / Code to Improve the UX of an eCommerce Portal Leading .

Brand: Goldeluck’s

Established in 2018 by Phillip Kuoch, Goldeluck’s is a Melbourne based doughnut brand that is known for its doughnuts, dessert boxes, and unique gift hampers. They have served over 350,000 customers since their beginning. They have been featured as one of the best doughnut shops in Melbourne by the Herald Sun publications and Concrete Playground publications.


Goldeluck’s reached out to WebSpero Solution for:

  • Integration of custom functionality to Goldeluck’s eCommerce portal & creation of upsell pop-ups
  • Shortlisting the right app that allows users to customize their gift hamper and explosion boxes
  • Testing whether the app is compatible with the theme or not


We used an agile approach to overcome these challenges for Goldeluck’s. Our developers followed the following approach:

  • Research and Development:To customize a Shopify store, we needed to find a Shopify app. However, with several options to choose from, it was challenging to decide which one to choose. So, we started to find an appropriate app that allowed customers to upload images without affecting the site’s performance and layout.
  • Introduced store credits to increase customer engagement and re-visits on the store.
  • Made structural changes to the website following Google’s quality checks which resulted in better crawling.
  • Installation and testing of the app on the dev store: After finding a few appropriate apps, we needed to shortlist the best option. So, we installed and tested different apps on the dev store and found an app – File Uploads by UploadKit. This app allowed customers to upload images. We also checked whether the app was compatible with the existing Shopify store’s theme or not.
  • Identified high-performing pages and optimized them for better indexing.
  • Transitioned to Shopify without losing out on traffic.
  • Creating upsell pop-ups: Since every customer’s needs are different, they would want to add different products to their gift hampers and explosion boxes. So, we created a range of upsell pop-ups that customers can add to their cart, depending on their needs.
  • Creating delivery options: Like upsell pop-ups, we also created different delivery options for customers to choose from. With these options, users have the option to pick their gift hamper from the store, or they can choose to get home delivery all around Australia.
  • Customizing the code: Since the app from UploadKit only allowed us to upload images, we needed to add customized code that would add a separate product to the cart when the customer uploads the images. So, we used AJAX and JQUERY to add a hidden product to the cart and check whether the customer had added the product to the cart.


We used AJAX and JQUERY

to meet the custom coding requirements. As a result, the customers can now add the images of their choice, and the final price they will see in the shopping cart will include the price of the images.

We also created a range

We also created a range of upsell pop-ups so that users can customize their gift hampers, depending on their needs.

We also Tested the file uploadkit

We also tested the File Upload app by UploadKit on the dev store as well as the Goldeluck’s store and ensure everything is as per the client’s needs.

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