eCommerce Campaigns That Maximize Your Returns On Ad Spend.

Brand: eCommerce Wholesale Tea Retailers

This client from Australia is an up-and-coming eCommerce brand that specializes in all things tea. So whether you’re looking for wholesale loose leaf tea, spiced and unique blends of herbal tea, or personalized packaging for tea, they’ve got you covered.


The client reached out to our PPC experts to help with:

  • Doubling their returns on ad spend.
  • Improving website traffic.
  • Outperforming their competitors.


The client approached us with two main concerns. One was to outdo their competition. And the second was to double their ROAS. So here’s the strategy our PPC experts used:

  • Maintaining ROAS: Our goal was to optimize the existing campaign run by the client to perform better. We introduced new and targeted keywords to their existing strategy and geo-targeted their audience to help expand their reach.
  • A/B Testing: Our PPC team worked with our content team and designers to create amazing landing pages. Furthermore, we implemented various conversion rate optimization techniques like A/B testing to create a rewarding campaign. This testing additionally helped us optimize our bidding strategy.
  • Remarketing : It’s common knowledge now that a retargeted ad performs 10x better than display ads on average. As is with eCommerce, we had to leverage the power of remarketing to fulfill our deliverable of 2x ROAS.
  • Campaigns: Different campaigns for different products allowed us to find the products that performed better. This strategy additionally helped us optimize their PPC campaign by spending the budget where it mattered most.


56.06% increase in conversions

WebSpero’s adept team of PPC experts could achieve constant results for the three goals:

  • Doubling ROAS.
  • Outperforming competition.
  • Improving sales.

Our results speak volumes:

In one year, we helped our clients reach:

  • +56.06% increase in the conversions
  • +165.60 increase in conversion value
  • +165.06% increase in the ROAS
  • -32.88% decrease in cost per conversion

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