Machine Learning Propelled Campaigns To Double Your ROI

Brand: Couture Candy

Couture Candy is a prominent fashion destination for fashion-savvy and value-conscious consumers. For 14 years, customers have been delighted by the high-end designer wear apparel & accessories available at competitive prices.


Couture Candy wanted our PPC experts to help them with:

  • Expanding their reach.
  • Maximize their return on ad spend.
  • Improving the overall sales of their large inventory.


Since Couture Candy found success with our organic results, we, as a leading Shopify marketing agency, aimed to enhance their website traffic and conversion rates through a successful PPC campaign.

Here’s how our expertise in Shopify marketing played a crucial role in helping Couture Candy achieve their goals:

  • Inventory Segmentation & A/B Testing : We created various combinations for their inventory and created 1400+ sets. Furthermore, we A/B tested these sets within 90 days to understand the best way to reduce ad spend for our client. As a result, we began seeing results 1.5x earlier than expected, thanks to our data-centric campaign.
  • Smart shopping Ads: As the client approached us with a wide inventory of over 300K dresses, we needed to incorporate machine learning solutions into their PPC campaign. This way, we were able to minimize efforts on bidding and focus more on strategizing. As a result, we were able to create a winning smart shopping campaign that prioritized segmentation.
  • Dynamic re-marketing & YouTube Ads: While Couture Candy was already reaping the benefits of their smart campaign, we propelled their conversions further by introducing re-marketing campaigns. Additionally, YouTube ads performed best during prom season, and we continued investing in the rewarding channel.


2X return on investment

WebSpero’s adept team of PPC experts could achieve constant results for the three goals:

  • New customer acquisition without exceeding Couture Candy’s PPC budget.
  • Increase sales for a large inventory.
  • Maximize current opportunities within the client’s existing customer list.

Our results speak volumes:

In one year we helped Model Chic reach:

  • 500% marketing scaled
  • 48% decrease in CPA
  • 6x Scale in marketing with 2x ROI

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