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Brand: Borealis Eesti

Borealis Eesti has been a well-established healthcare retail brand specializing in massage chairs, massage seats, eye massagers, and pillows since 2007. They additionally offer physiotherapy training and equipment and high-quality Kinesio tapes in the Estonian market. Its sister brand, GameKing, builds and operates children’s slot machines that help develop intelligence and dexterity in children.


Borealis Eesti approached WebSpero after being frustrated with their previous Vending Machine Device Management Software.

  • Additionally, their CRM system was extremely slow. In addition, it was missing many key features and was very hard to maintain.
  • Borealis was also unhappy with their non-interactive user experience. As a result, they wanted to complete an overhaul of the system.
  • They needed a solution to help the admin manage different user accounts, add devices, track performance of devices installed at seven different locations, manage sales teams associated with each location, track & filter issues list and its status.
  • In addition, Borealis needed a way to measure the performance of the device management software. One that allowed high segmentation of users’ accounts based on the team locations.
  • An additional challenge was that the company’s previous developer was not available to guide us through the current code structure. Therefore we needed to implement a complex algorithm for calculating the counter sum, counter amount, Ratio, Efficiency, etc.


  • We had the perfect opportunity to recreate the front end of the device management CRM system. One that was fast, easy to use, scalable, and secure.
  • Our expert developers recreated the dashboard’s front end using Angular 7 (which was the latest angular version at the time) since it had many advantages over angular 2.
  • We recreated the new design with a better navigation structure to ensure users could easily browse through each dashboard section.
  • We used color coding for tracking devices’ contract status installed at different locations such as Red/Orange and Yellow. For example, we used red color for presenting devices with contract status ended; Orange color for the devices with contracts that start to end within 30 days, and so on.
  • We implemented the ability for the admin to insert new devices with ease. Then we updated and changed the color/ models of old devices by following a simple step.
  • Our developers then implemented filters to search and sort devices with model name, color, device type, region, location, contract status, end date with various dropdown lists.
  • We implemented a screen where the admin could track open issues, manage severity, search by user type, timestamp, location, etc.
  • Our developers added a barcode scanner to scan devices and register them into the database seamlessly.
  • We added country code to facilitate the users to filter the data according to country code and user roles.
  • Our developers managed the database and set up the user’s accounts structure so that the Estonian team could work on the one account and view devices data installed in the Estonian region. For example, the Finland team could now work on their account and view all the Finland device’s data.

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