Powerful Strategies For Niche-centric Brands That Improve Conversions .

Brand: BOE Marine

BOE Marine is the #1 boat outfitter in Chesapeake Bay, the USA. A niche-centric electronics brand with a staff of great installers and a mobile fleet of vehicles, BOE Marine has product lines, resources, personnel, and processes that make it the USA’s leader in Marine Electronics sales.


Although the brand has a niche-centric approach, they approached WebSpero with the following challenges:

  • Create and expand brand awareness
  • Optimize website for SEO


As BOE Marine was already niche-focused, we needed a thorough website audit to understand why they weren’t receiving the traffic they ideally should. From our website audit, we found and fixed the following:

  • Visitors were using model numbers of products while searching, and since the products weren’t using this keyword in their product titles and descriptions, it affected the search results. Therefore, we changed the copy of all product pages using model numbers within the titles and descriptions.
  • The client’s website had a great search option, but it failed to capture the right customer queries. We changed that and fixed navigation issues, so visitors now go to pages similar to their search if the product wasn’t available. This improved user experience as well as search results.
  • Made structural changes to the website following Google’s quality checks. Also, we fixed issues with page duplication, which helped optimize the crawl budget.
  • We observed that the BOE Marine’s audience didn’t purchase impulsively. Rather, they loved to educate themselves about the product line. This information helped us create blog posts (Product instructionals, product comparisons, etc.) and run other content campaigns that helped the ToFu visitors.
  • We reduced the bounce rates by fixing issues with filters and improving the overall structure of the brand’s website.
  • Magento was the platform for BOE Marine’s website. Our SEO experts and web developers teamed up to make the necessary optimizations that helped bring it to the first page of search results.


116.8% increase in organic traffic

We successfully increased the organic traffic of BOE Marine by 116.78% within a year. In addition, we successfully expanded their user base by 78.30%. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Traffic in Nov 2018: 4,278
  • Traffic in Dec 2019: 11,413

Significant improvement in organic search share

We improved their keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in 2018: 13,929
  • Keywords in 2019: 19,247

That’s a growth of 5318 keywords in just one year.

Steep rise in top 3 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in 2018: 28
  • Top 3 keywords in 2019: 113

That’s a growth of 85 keywords in the top 3 positions on SERP.

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