Increasing The Organic Visibility & Sales Of Established Brands.

Brand: BFX Furniture

BFX Furniture is a famous Australian brand that specializes in both office and education. Since its establishment in 1980, BFX has grown to become one of Australia’s leading furniture suppliers.


Although the brand has been successful since 1980, BFX Furniture was losing market share to its competitors. So we had to find ways to help them:

  • Expand brand visibility organically.
  • Improve overall sales.


To improve BFX’s organic growth, we implemented SEO fixes like:

  • Having focused categories: BFX had a large inventory. We prioritized product categories according to search volume and shrunk their category size to 20. It meant to delete/ restructure product categories based on search intent. These were categories with keywords actively used by their customers.
  • Restructuring the website: We made navigation and page structure more intuitive for bots and humans. We optimized the copy for each landing page to contain strategic keywords. We changed the page structure to highlight high-traffic gaining pages upfront.
  • Creating more internal links within each page so the customer is always active on the website. This further allowed us to rank better on Google. We ran a deep dive through the website to see which products had the potential to rank higher in the future. We linked these pages to the landing pages getting high traffic.
  • Executing data-centric strategies: Our goal was to implement strategies that yielded great results even after our contract ended. For example, we revamped the website’s theme and added tags that enabled BFX to add products that would automatically rank high without our intervention.
  • Improved ranking by changing filters: By changing the filters to be in tune with customers’ search, we improved the user experience on the website and improved the site’s rankings. Search bots could crawl easily and index pages, and we could reduce duplicate pages to zero.


114.7% increase in website traffic

We successfully increased the organic traffic of BFX Furniture by 114.70%. In addition, we successfully expanded their market share by acquiring 128.19% new users to the website within one year. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Traffic in June 2019: 5,647
  • Traffic in June 2020: 12,124

Unprecedented increase in organic search share

We improved their keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in 2019: 3,106
  • Keywords in 2020: 4,478

That’s a growth of 1372 keywords in just one year.

Significant rise in top 3 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in 2020: 53
  • Top 3 keywords in 2021: 170

That’s a growth of 117 keywords in the top 3 positions on SERP.

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