present value of money Calculator

Make The Right Purchasing Decision By Calculating The Value For Money Through A Tool!

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    Qualifies More Leads

    With FM calculator, one can improve lead nurturing by providing the details about problems and encouraging leads at the top of the hierarchy to move along the qualification spectrum.

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    Increase Lead Conversions

    VFM helps in generating stronger leads and response rates because with this calculator you can optimize your messages. It also encourages quick engagement with the potential leads.

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    Optimize Pricing

    With VFM one can analyze the user’s data to optimize the pricing factor. Besides that you can target new markets and prioritize brand new product features.

    Value for money is a procurement strategy that considers the total cost of ownership of a product or service rather than just the initial purchase price. To determine the value for money of their products or services, purchasing organizations must consider a number of factors.

What Is VFM?

Organizations must strike a balance between achieving value for money and achieving organizational goals. In some cases, it may be more important to obtain a high-quality product that will last longer, even if it is more expensive upfront. In other cases, it may be more important to obtain a less expensive product that meets the bare minimum.

How To Calculate VfM?

The following factors need to be considered while calculating VfM:

          • The Cost
          • The Quality
          • The Features
          • The Benefits

        After considering these factors, weigh them to get an overall score. This can be accomplished by assigning a score out of ten to each factor. The total score that appears on the value-for-money calculator will then indicate the value for money that the product or service provides.

        The equation for VfM is:

        VfM = CTR ÷ CPC

        How To Use The TVM Calculator?

        The online TVM or VfM calculator simplifies the calculation of various quantities related to the time value of money and repeating payments required to cover a loan or increase the value of a deposit to a certain amount. After deciding what you want to solve in the TVM equation, enter the remaining values and hit the button on the value for money calculator.