Transformative SEO Strategies Triple Website Traffic

Brand: Terani Couture

Established in 1990, Terani Couture is a leading international fashion brand specializing in women’s evening wear. It offers high-quality dresses for occasions ranging from proms & homecoming to pageants & weddings.


Terani Couture approached our SEO experts with the following challenges:

  • Limited feature integration due to the WordPress CMS, hindering the addition of ‘Quick View’ and advanced filter options without affecting performance.
  • Outdated blog content, negatively impacting user experience and site ranking.
  • Excessive and incorrect redirections leading to poor user navigation and chain redirections.


Our SEO specialists created a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges. The SEO fixes that we implemented included:

  • Updating Old Content: We revamped the blog content, making it more relevant and engaging to the current audience. This involved updating old articles and introducing new, high-quality content to improve user engagement and SEO performance.
  • Product Page Enhancements: Although constrained by WordPress’s limitations, we optimized existing filter options on product pages to enhance user experience without compromising site speed. This included refining the available sorting features and ensuring they were more intuitive.
  • Streamlining Redirections: Next, by thoroughly auditing the site, we identified and corrected incorrect and excessive redirections. This streamlined the navigation experience, leading to improved user satisfaction and better search engine rankings.


The SEO strategy we implemented for Terani Couture yielded impressive results, as demonstrated by the following key performance indicators:

40.37% Increase in Website Clicks

This increase in the number of clicks over the last six months shows a substantial improvement in visibility and click-through rates.

  • Total Clicks (20/11/2023-19/05/2024) 75.1K
  • Total Clicks (20/05/2023-19/11/2023)53.5K

The surge in impressions reflects greater exposure in search engine results, contributing to increased brand visibility and a higher likelihood of attracting clicks.

271.2% Increase in Organic Traffic

We successfully increased the traffic of Terani Couture by 271.2% and increased their Key Events by 603.91%. Here are a few more successful stats:

  • Traffic in 20 May, 2024: 114,385
  • Traffic in 20 May, 2023: 30,815

That’s a growth of 814 keywords in just 6 months.

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