Turning Nascent Cosmetic Brands To Established D2C Behemoths.

Brand: Plum Goodness

Plum Goodness is a cosmetic brand in India known for being a 100% vegan, cruelty-free, phthalates & parabens-free beauty brand. Also, the brand rose to popularity for offering skincare solutions based on skin textures, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.


Plum Goodness approached us to help them grow their online sales. While they were reaping the rewards of their PPC efforts, they needed help sustaining and growing their ROI.


Our approach was to optimize the site’s SEO while focusing on improving conversions. The website audit reflected we had to:

  • Let go of all product pages that weren’t gaining traffic to improve loading speed.
  • Highlight products customers were already seeking and internally link to other products within the category. As a result, this piggyback method would improve overall sales.
  • Made structural changes to the website following Google’s quality checks which resulted in better indexing and crawling.
  • Generate buzz around the brand by reaching out to influential bloggers and beauty gurus for high-quality backlinks.
  • Make each category and product page more intuitive to the customer, which helped reduce cart abandonment by 20%.


228% increase in website traffic

We successfully increased the sales of Plum Goodness by 228%. In addition, we helped increase the beauty brand’s organic reach by ranking for 4,967 additional keywords in just one year. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Total Sales (Jan – March 2020): INR 18,152,881.88
  • Total Sales (Jan – March 2021): INR 59,587,473.99

A boost in organic traffic like no other

We improved their keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in 2020: 6,571
  • Keywords in 2021: 11,538

That’s a growth of 4967 keywords in just one year.

Impactful growth in top 3 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in 2020: 259
  • Top 3 keywords in 2021: 510

That’s a growth of 251 keywords in the top 3 positions on SERP.

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