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Brand: iStrap

iStrap is an Australian brand that provides Apple watch wearers with fun straps for their smartwatches. Since its foundation in 2018, the brand has grown its inventory to now house over 400 products for Apple watch users. iStrap is quickly growing to become one of the favorite destinations for Australian Apple watch buyers thanks to the brand’s quality, great customer service, and speedy shipping.


iStrap reached out to our PPC experts to help with:

  • Expanding their reach.
  • Scaling their business without increasing the cost of acquisition.
  • Improving their overall sales through new user acquisitions.


Here’s how we helped iStrap with a winning PPC campaign:

  • Audience Profiling: Different customers have different preferences about their watch straps. With iStrap having a large and varied inventory, our goal was to showcase the right product to the targeted customer. For this, we looked at our audience’s age groups and interests before serving them ads on channels they interacted most with.
  • A/B Testing: As is the case with every PPC campaign we run, we A/B tested the different channels available for us to serve ads. We compared the performance of Display Ads, Social Media Ads, Shopping Ads and found YouTube was the preferred platform for our target audience.
  • YouTube Ads: By creating the most engaging ads in a format the viewers most resonated with, we leveraged YouTube’s targeting options to finetune our campaign to our audience’s behavior. Moreover, we used the power of remarketing to improve overall conversions.


6,500% increase in conversions

WebSpero’s adept team of PPC experts could achieve constant results for the three goals:

  • New customer acquisition without exceeding the client’s PPC budget.
  • Scale revenue through YouTube Ads.
  • Maximize website traffic through a successful and data-driven PPC campaign.

Our results speak volumes:

In one year we helped iStarp reach:

  • 4,967.78% increase in the clicks
  • 6,500% increase in the conversions
  • 3,396.70% increase in conversion value
  • 643.14% increase in the impression

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