Our Facebook ads Process

Campaign Setup

We are a Facebook advertising company that setups more than one campaign to cover all the products and services you offer. Our team setups an effective Facebook advertising campaign objective to make sure that your target audience never misses your ads. We work with businesses across the world from different domains. This provides us with more experience to run Facebook ad campaigns with different objectives. Our approach is very flexible when it comes to setting up Facebook advertising campaigns. We can easily make changes in our strategies and campaigns if you have added a new product or service. We test different campaigns to use the best one for your project.


Most of our clients offer multiple products or services. Running a single Facebook advertising campaign for all the products is destined to go fruitless. A potential customer interested in one product may not be interested in some other product by the brand. Therefore, our Facebook advertising team begins with building a catalog. We analyze each product and its target audience separately. The next step is creating multiple Facebook ads campaigns to specifically target an audience that is interested in a particular product or service. We make sure that your ads do not annoy anyone who is not interested in your products.

Ad Set

The Facebook ad campaign can increase your business sales if you identify the best and relevant target audience for a product. The Facebook ad campaign consists of ad sets. An ad set groups ads sharing settings for where, when and how to run Facebook advertising campaigns. In the ad set, we define your schedule, targeting, budget, building and placement. The ad set level option allows users to choose location, gender, age and other audience characteristics.


We create focused ads that work best for your business. A Facebook ad can have three categories of objective including Awareness objectives (Brand Awareness, Reach), consideration objectives (App Installs, Engagement, Video Views, Lead Generation, Messages), conversion objectives (Conversation, Catalogue Sales, Store Visits). Facebook allows you to create ads in different formats including video, photo, slideshow, carousel, dynamic product ads and lead form ads. Facebook ad objectives are your goals. Facebook ad format is how you want your advertisement to appear creatively. We choose the right ad format and objective according to your business goals.

Page Post Boost

The Facebook page post boost feature comes into play when you do not see enough return on investment in Facebook marketing. Facebook allows you to boost your post so that your content can be seen by more people. If you want to reach a wider targeted audience, our Facebook advertising company achieves this by using the post-boost feature by Facebook. It is very easy to use this feature as it requires only one click on the “Boost Post” button. You can boost any type of Facebook post such as a link to your website, video, images, short message etc.

Create Different Ad for Desktop or Phone

Facebook offers different user experiences on desktop and smartphone. Therefore, we create one ad for desktop and one ad for phone. Hybrid of both is also an option. There are two different placement options in desktop placements:
1. Desktop newsfeed
2. Right-hand sidebar
Desktop news feed ads are ideal for engagement. Sidebar ads are best for awareness. Mobile placement provides access to “instant articles” placement and mobile news feed. Instant articles placement is a replacement of Notes. Mobile ads are very powerful. You can accurately target your audience. Hybrid ads bring your best of desktop and mobile placement.

Facebook Carousel

Facebook carousel is an ad format that allows you to show more content in a single ad. One ad can have upto 10 videos or images. Each video or image can have its own link. Our Facebook advertising agency makes creative use of this option to highlight different products, display details of different services and tell the story of your brand across different carousel cards. Carousel ad is the best option when you want to advertise multiple products. This ad format is also used to highlight features of one product. These highly engaging ads can also be used to explain a process.

Instagram placement

Instagram is also one of the most popular social media platforms widely used by businesses to promote their products, services or brands. Our social media marketing experts make the best use of Instagram placement in your campaign. We use Instagram ad placement to create ads that appear on the Instagram story and news feed of your audience. We can run a separate Instagram advertising campaign or integrate it in the existing campaign. Instagram is a social media platform with more than 1 billion active users. We can make use of this platform to create a massive brand awareness. Our Facebook marketing team can also cover Instagram to increase your sales.

Facebook pixels

The Facebook pixel is a code snippet that is added to your website to collect data related to conversions from Facebook ads. We use this data to optimize ads, build audience for future ads and for remarketing. This code allows to track users’ interaction with Facebook ads and your website. There are different types of Facebook pixels including the Facebook custom audience pixel and the Facebook conversion pixel. Conversion tracking pixel was discontinued in 2017. Facebook pixel provides valuable data that can be used for creating better ads. This code also helps in increasing conversion rate and return on investment.

Track conversions

A Facebook advertising campaign does not end with posting different types of ads on the platform. Facebook advertisements can be tricky and complex. Sometimes it is required to try and test different approaches to run a successful Facebook advertising campaign. This is the reason why it is important to track conversions. Social media metrics and tracking conversion rate tell if the Facebook advertising campaign is working or not. Tracking conversion rate is the most important factor that measures the success of a campaign. Our Facebook advertising company monitors results and cost (CPC). This also helps us in making the required changes to make the campaign more successful.


Facebook pixel is also known as Facebook retargeting pixel. It is a piece of code inserted in the back end of your website to gather and decode key performance metrics generated by your Facebook ads. Our team uses Facebook retargeting pixel to track and boost your return on investment on the platform. It can be very helpful in retargeting as it enhances relevance by showing ads to a custom audience that consists of your website visitors. It also boosts your Facebook ad reach. Our Facebook marketing agency uses Facebook pixel as a powerful retargeting tool to track the performance metrics and improve conversions.

Lookalike audience

Exploring lookalike audience allows you to expand your Facebook ad reach. It is a targeted audience based on your website visitors, people on your email lists and those who engage with your Facebook page. Lookalike audience includes people having similar attributes to your base custom audience. This audience is one of the benefits of using Custom Audience. After we upload information of clients, Facebook provides a list of profiles similar to the initial list of clients. Facebook offers two options for creating a lookalike list:
1. Reach
2. Similarity
The Similarity option provides a small list of profiles that closely resemble the initial list of clients. The Reach option provides a larger audience but profiles may not closely resemble the initial list.

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