Bringing Italian Food Seekers To The Authentic Italian Food Destination.

Brand: Italian Food Online Store

Italian Food Online Store is a notable online Italian supermarket where customers can find authentic Italian products in the USA. This eCommerce store is the one-stop shop for all Italian pantry items: from dried pasta to ready-to-use sauces to even beverages.


Italian Food Online Store was already reaping the fruits of its PPC efforts. However, they came to us with one goal:

  • Expand organic reach
  • Improve website conversions


To improve Italian foods’ organic growth, we first targeted the low-hanging fruits: Prune pages with low traffic, Improve page speed, Build internal links. Other SEO fixes to overcome their challenges included:

  • Having focused categories: All types of pasta were on one page. Segregating them according to what the customer was searching for allowed us to rank each page on SERP based on customer queries).
  • Restructuring the website: for well-defined product pages, categories, and sub-categories. This also fixed navigation issues.
  • Creating more internal links: within each page so the customer is always active on the website. This further helped the site to rank better on Google.
  • Creating new categories: based on current trends: segregated products into gluten-free, vegan, etc. options
  • Fixing pagination errors:sold-out products showed up as top results on each page. We fixed that and added the “notify me” option to capture more email IDs. We further nurtured those leads by offering exciting deals, which further boosted sales.
  • Reaching out to influencers :in the industry: Food bloggers and reviewers helped create backlinks and improve the brand’s visibility.


159% boost in website traffic

WebSpero successfully increased the traffic of Italian Food Online Store by 158.84%. In addition, we helped increase the food brand’s new user base by 162.75% in just one year while improving the average sessions by 163.38%.

A few other noteworthy improvements include:

  • Traffic in September 2019:4,133
  • Traffic in September 2020: 10,698

That’s an organic increase of 6565 users in just one year.

Powerful boost in organic traffic

We improved their keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in 2019: 3954
  • Keywords in 2020: 17,749

That’s a growth of 13,795 keywords in just one year.

Significant rise in top 3 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in 2019: 31
  • Top 3 keywords in 2020: 538

That’s a growth of 507 keywords in the top 3 positions on SERP.

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