Delivering Higher Website Engagements With Reduced CPA

Brand: Family Always First Home Care

Family Always First Home Care (FAFHHC) is part of the American Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), and they provide home health aid for patients. The program allows patients to elect their friends, family, or whoever they choose to be their caregivers to prioritize their needs and help in their quality of life. In addition, FAFHHC serves a variety of support options for patients that require caregivers.


FAFHHC approached our PPC experts to help with:

  • Improving brand awareness.
  • Increasing their reach, especially during COVID 19 lockdown.
  • Increasing engagement on the website (form fills and queries).


The client approached us during COVID 19 lockdown to help with increasing brand awareness and engagement. Here’s how we did it:

  • Targeted campaigns: Since FAFHHC provided multiple services, we knew that streamlining their PPC campaign would help target the right people and improve conversions. Their home health aide and personal health aide services targeted different audiences. We brought the targeted audience to our custom landing pages for individual services using Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Custom Landing Pages: Our PPC team worked with our in-house content team to develop the perfect landing pages to improve conversions. Our team of expert copywriters created a personalized landing page copy that spoke to the targeted audience based on the PPC strategy. FAFHHC already had an in-house design team that helped with the landing page’s design.
  • Revamping Website Content: To keep users engaged, we needed to use an emotion-forward copy on our client’s website. This strategy meant we needed to focus on why our client’s services were the answer to their visitor’s challenge. Our content team worked with PPC and SEO teams to understand what visitors were searching for. Using this data, we created knowledge pieces and website content to improve site engagement.


89.50% increase in clicks

WebSpero’s team of PPC experts could achieve constant results for the three goals:

  • Reduction in cost per conversion.
  • Increased website engagement and more form-fills.
  • Increase in customer acquisition.

Our results speak volumes:

In one year, we helped FAFHHC reach:

  • +89.50% increase in the clicks
  • +122.15% increase in the conversions
  • +101.70% increase in the CTR
  • -57.16% decrease in cost per conversion
  • -49.78% decrease in the average CPC

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