Rahul Vij

I am a well qualified member of the WebSpero Solutions team. I enjoy my work because I know I’m making the web accessible for clients and helping to empower businesses and individuals to proactively participate in its benefits.

Prior to joining WebSpero Solutions, I have worked at a web development company naming Incrementors Web Solutions Pvt Ltd, In. While there, I helped to transform websites from ideas on paper into fully functional websites that positively affected the customers’ bottom-line profits and also have business knowledge necessary to align technology-related decisions with the organization’s goals. Prior to that, I have had a good experience as a Web Developer for a company that specialized in PHP, and CMS based projects.

Here at WebSpero Solutions, I’m coordinating and communicating the day-to-day tactical implementation of mobile application development and web development projects. Manage R&D, Monitoring and Assessing New Technologies and communicating strategy to the management, clients and employees. Working as technical head, I’m  ultimately responsible for keeping the overall team activities focused on the site strategic objectives and agreed deliverables, and I continually monitor the scope of the project activities to ensure that the team stays “Quality, quality quality and quality.” Apart from it, I act as the primary contact between the dev team,clients and manages the overall communication among creative, technical, and production elements of any project. I am 100% willing to work for larger web projects in coming future.