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Introduction to Growth Hacking

(Mindset, Framework, Tools, and Hacks) | E-commerce Edition

If you are looking to understand what growth hacking is and how you can leverage a growth framework to boom your business, this EBook is perfect for you. I share with you a checklist, a framework, and tools you can use to create a J-curve growth in your business.

    What’s Inside

    • What exactly is growth hacking and why all the hype around it?
    • How to cultivate a growth mindset and start thinking like a growth hacker?
    • Examples of growth hacking by famous companies to spark your creativity.
    • Growth hacking checklist so you never miss a step.
    • A customizable growth hacking framework to suit your business.
    • Actionable tools you can use to grow your business.
    • Growth Hacks to practice religiously to jumpstart your growth process.

    About the Author

    Rajiv is an SEO arsonist who’s transformed hundreds of patrons’ rank on Google’s 1st page. Having close to decades worth of expertise in digital marketing, he works at the nexus of branding and marketing communications to help you grow your bottom line; all the while connecting you impactfully with your stakeholders.

    He excels at data-driven brand ascension through integrated, research-based, digital strategies destined to bring brands and their audiences closer together. Schedule your call here.