Instagram Marketing: Tips To Revamp Your Strategies For Higher ROI in 2021

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    Strike the gold with the gram! 

    One of the most downloaded social media applications – Instagram is a new-gen marketplace with a list of marketing features embedded in it. From video posts to IGTV, Instagram is continuously brazing the trail to let advertisers go extra creative with cutting edge in the market. 

    Launched in 2010, Instagram has always been a buzzword among social fanatics. And now, with 1 Billion active users on the platform, businesses are harnessing it as a way to make headway. The reason being, Instagram is a goldmine for entrepreneurs where they can interact, build the community, sell, and earn surplus. 

    No doubt, Instagram is booming right now with 25 million business profiles but jumping on the bandwagon isn’t easy without the right strategies in mind, especially when 2021 is expected to bring a heavy hike in competition. Thus, here we present exemplary ideas to revamp your Instagram strategies for achieving higher ROI.

    What’s New On Instagram in 2021 For Marketing?


    Heading into 2021, Instagram intends to make the business journey quite smooth with a handful of improvements and new features. Below are the key platform trends predicted to spike in the future. Have a look.

    • More streamlined shopping with E-commerce tools like Instagram shop, Stories stickers, Shopping from creators, Instagram Checkout, and Live Shopping.
    • Rise in quirky, creative, and modern video advertising in the form of Instagram reels and IGTV.
    • More importance of shareable and saveable content with the help of Instagram carousel posts.
    • Raising money for the cause with the Instagram fundraiser feature.
    • Organization of virtual events and conferences by going live on Instagram Lives.

    The list of latest Instagram trends, if leveraged in the next year can help in building better customer relationships and bases for driving maximum website traffic, ultimately resulting in considerable ROI. Nevertheless, to make good use of all the innovative features, the situation demands to tweak, plan, and manage the marketing strategies like a pro.

    So, let’s start with the gram to get it made 🙂


    Top 9 Instagram Market Strategies To Boost ROI


    • Shift To Instagram Business Profile With Strong Presence

    For the beginners who dream to rise to the occasion, it is essential to switch to a business account for a professional presence and convenient reach. A business profile will allow the user to highlight the business details like product/services, location, contact number, and email address to let the visitors have a better idea. It helps in –

    • Creating a sense of trust among visitors
    • Accessing advantages of analytical options
    • Better scope of Instagram advertising
    • Scheduling post ahead of time
    • Adding links to bio and Instagram stories

    Don’t forget to craft a compelling business bio and high-resolution gram-worthy profile picture for an amazing impression.


    • Map Out Sound Instagram Content Strategy

    The fact that an estimated 71% of US businesses are on Instagram urges one to focus on uniqueness as a key to stand in the crowd. Having an impactful content strategy is one such significant way to accomplish the goal of successful Instagram marketing. Consider the following attributes as the mainspring of catchy gram content.


    • Bring Into Being The Professional Yet Pleasant Content Theme

    If engagement is your prime goal, setting a pleasant content theme is a solution. Having a theme for your Instagram business profile will definitely blow away everyone and makes the visitors easy to grasp the notion behind your business. Quotes, curated content, testimonials, team shots, readymade layouts, and a lot more! Everything and anything from all these can help to make your business profile breathtaking.


    • Put In Eye-catchy Images

    Images do matter in Instagram marketing and can make a visitor go gaga over in one go if these are enticing yet meaningful. It is suggested to always add high-resolution images that are made creative using several filters available on Instagram or other apps. Consider @latermedia as an example as it is loved by folks for playful and colorful pictures.


    • Harness IGTV, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Live

    Getting extra optical with customers by adding video content is a picture-perfect idea, especially when it is fun and convenient to do on the gram. Make use of Instagram Reels and IGTV, the stand-alone apps featuring channels, as these will help to boost the visibility of the business and develop more engagement. Instagram Live is also an amazing option to conduct virtual events for the launch of products and contests.


    •  Craft Compelling Captions

    The caption of each post should be unique with a blend of informative and promotional tone. Where most marketers believe in curating small captions, there is still an option to engrave 2000+ characters and thus can be used for microblogging. 


    • Instagram stories

    Instagram stories are seamless ways to maintain the consistent engagement of the customers. It lets your post be visible for only 24 hours to visitors but helps to bring your brand to notice. Thus, let your ads stout in stories.


    • Call-To-Action – Add now!

    Buy, shop, start, try, subscribe, visit, and all such short words are powerful in making business experience a substantial conversion. Always add CTA to boost the virality, number of shares, comments, tags, and actions on your post.


    • Make Use Of Right Hashtags

    Most of the studies disclosed that the use of even one hashtag boosts engagement by 12.6%. This is because hashtags help to reach the post to the people with a specific interest and make the content discoverable. It is advisable to add only relevant and right hashtags for your content to fall in the right place.


    • Get Sponsor Ads Into Action

    Another secret to gain brand exposure, more leads, conversion, and higher ROI is to never neglect the power of sponsor ads. This is a great idea as Instagram Ads being non-intruding doesn’t annoy but build interest of an audience, automatically resulting in conversions. Besides, the pros of achieving the spike in brand awareness and customer satisfaction can all be done without breaking your bank with sponsor ads in action.


    • Indulge In Intercross Promotion Of Brand

    With 54% of shopping fanatics harnessing social media to research the products, cross-promoting on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can double the engagement growth. Amazingly, it is quite easy to accomplish intercross promotion by linking your Instagram business account with other social media.  This cost-effective strategy will not only boost your brand image but also creates a win-win situation for your business by surging visibility.


    • Collaborate With Influencers

    Collaborate With Influencers

    2020, being the year of quarantine led everything to be a standstill but it was influencer marketing that left no stone unturned in engaging the audience. Looking at the reshaping of marketing patterns, there is nothing wiser than collaborating with influencers for promoting the brand and its products on a large scale. This is because social media influencers already have a large follower base and thus, can inspire plentiful people and urge them to opt for the brand by making recommendations in the content.


    • Keep In Sight The Right Metrics

    It’s not merely the performance but the preciseness of data and analytics that impact the future of Instagram marketing positively. Identifying the right metrics based on the goals of the business helps to discover the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve. As a bonus tip, the metrics to be tracked in 2021 to rise to the occasion are reach, sales, saves, engagement rates, growth, traffic, story views, and the best time to post.


    • Turn Your Instagram Into Sales Channel

    Instagram has now the best in-app shopping features that let businesses to strategize, sell, and seek surplus in one place. To be a successful seller on Instagram, it entails some tested and tried measures and an already established brand image. Starting with creating the Instagram Shop by creating the product catalog and linking it with a professional account. Here are the top tips that will help in successful selling on Instagram in 2021 –

    • Create User-Generated Content (UGC) to build a sense of trust among customers.
    • Use product tags and product features in stories and feeds to let folks have their eyes roll on your products.
    • Add high-resolution product clicks and prefer real people clicks for a better impression.
    • Harnessing check-out options for the convenience of both business and buyers.
    • Preview upcoming products to create a buzz.


    • Carry On With Contests and Giveaways

    To turn the campaign into super-interactive, conducting contests and giveaways is a perfect plan. Based on the fact that contests can have a conversion rate of almost 34%, one can launch and promote the contests, be it like a competition, comment, and photo contest. From deciding the goal of the giveaways and contests to picking the prize, every step entails enthusiastic promotion to let the audience stay in touch every minute, hour, and day. 


    • Make Use Of Geo-tagging

    The study revealed that posts with location earn 79% of engagement in comparison to other opponents. Not only this will help the brand or content to get discovered easily by folks but also build a strong brand community for a better future. Thus, add Geolocation in every feed or post to boost visibility.


    In A Nutshell

    Instagram, the interesting and influential platform to go the extra mile in your business is now more effective with a bundle of new features. Making use of all such features in a wise way can turn your brand into a powerful name with monumental ROI in your store. Thus, consider all the aforesaid ideas to step into the path of success with splendid strategies. 

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    Gram it like a pro!