The digital modes of product & service promotion are currently occupying a major share in the marketing industry. There are two main reasons why digital media is gaining massive attention i.e. ease of implementation and global reachability. Right now, the print media is facing its adverse impacts consequently these industries are also gradually shifting towards the adoption of digital modes of marketing.

Despite of mushrooming too many digital marketing agencies, most of them implement strategies randomly without estimating the further impacts. Just one step towards a right or wrong strategy can change the entire phase of your marketing campaigning. As a professional digital marketer, it is apparent that all of your strategies will not always succeed. Sometimes it is not in your hands due to the sudden changes in search engine algorithm policies, but sometimes it happens due to the silly decisions or ignorance you make. For keeping your professional edges sharp, it is essential to identify the mistakes, learn from them, and never commit the same again. Here is some valuable information for your ease to rectify the mistakes as soon as possible.


Popular digital marketing strategies and potential mistakes during their implementation



PPC aka Pay Per Click is among the most reliable paid marketing strategies. It is similar like hiring a space in an engaged location to put your business advertisement banner. In the virtual world of digital media, high traffic websites are those valuable spaces. While executing a PPC campaigning, marketers commit some silly mistakes without having any idea. Take a look to know which one is yours:-

  1. A large number of digital marketers prepare ads by forcefully overstuffing the text. An emotionless add will never succeed to draw the attention of any visitor.
  2. Running a PPC campaigning without testing the website’s funnel is one of the biggest mistakes that almost every PPC marketer commit. Execution before proper analysis means exhausting your investment pointlessly.
  3. If you are using broad match keyword criteria on short tail head terms, it will be very expensive. Use precisely matching terms that stick exactly to your product’s description.
  4. Generally, marketers set the target setting as “bid only” rather than “target & bid”. It results in investing on targeting random people without any idea whether their interest is relevant to your product or not.


SEO is one most used digital marketing strategy worldwide due to the stability of results for a long term. But if basics of such a strategy are not adhered to, it has the potential to ruin your high expectations into something very ordinary. The degree of departure from results depends upon how appropriate your package is according to the nature, scale, finance and all such factors of your firm. Following are some mistakes that are found to be very common while the implementation of strategic SEO.

  1. Not developing effective content and just for the sake of filling the space on a website. Consistent content creation which has the potential to attract customers’ attention at the same time its readability is ignored which leads to negligible traffic.
  2. Even if you manage to develop great content consistently, an internal linking structure to the website is overlooked many times. This means creating clear pathways through effective keyword management is ignored by a lot of developers having a lot of consequences.
  3. The wrong optimization of keywords is the most common cause of the above. Detailed aspects of keyword stuffing have to be kept in mind otherwise the conversion rate will be low.
  4. Targeting the market on the basis of quantity instead of their relative interest has its own consequences varying with the situation.


The main objective of search engine marketing experts is to bring a web URL on the top of the search results list. While bidding on a specific keyword, many competitors commit serious mistakes that end up with miserable failure. As a preventive measure, read these points to identify where are you standing.

  1. The most common mistake in SEM is its unstructured campaigning without themed ad groups. In the absence of a right structure, you will have to face the controlling and flexibility issues.
  2. Generally,  marketers focus on click-through rate and cost applicable per click to estimate the conversion which is a wrong strategy. The real conversion rate of visitors depends on the contact us form submission, newsletter subscription & quote requests.
  3. Irrelevant match type also leads to the failure of SEM strategy. When you prefer a broad term to target the visitors, it will divert the traffic but most of them will be nearly relevant to the actual product.
  4. Running the AdWords account without integrating with Google Analytics is one of the silliest mistakes, still, some marketers commit. It is essential for improving the perforation by gathering additional insight.

Influence Marketing

When it comes to advertising on a large level with huge investment, you can have many options to choose. Enterprise level companies utilize the names of famous celebrities from cinema and sports. While using their stardom or influence to improve a business ranking, marketers commit some mistakes that lead to the failure of entire campaigning: –


  1. Hiring a wrong influencer without knowing his/her impact on your brand is the biggest mistake. When marketers choose an influencer without checking the previous track record at online platforms, the strategy might fail.
  2. Lacking the authenticity of your influential marketing is also a big reason for its failure. Some marketers fabricate the image of influence rather than showing the authenticity. It reduced the interest of the public as well as affect the reputation of celebrity too.
  3. The disorganized strategy and its results monitoring mechanism is also a reason for failure. Some marketers leave the entire campaigning burden on the image of influencer. In this way, they lose the control on tracking various platforms. All platforms where the campaigning is being organized must be monitored with the help of marketing automation tools.

Viral Marketing

The word-of-mouth has turned into viral marketing in the era of virtual world connectivity. Marketers promote a product, service or personality at the online platforms where relevant people are present abundantly. Generally, social media platforms are used for this purpose because here one can find the people of every nation, community, race & gender. While hyping a content, marketers leave some loopholes which you will come to know here:-

  1. Lacking the quality of viral nature in content is the major reason behind its failure. The advertisement you are preparing must contain interesting information that people find worth sharing.
  2. Sometimes, the brand loses its identity behind the entertaining stuff. In this way, your content may succeed to reach millions, but the brand remains in shadow.
  3. Due to the lack of original ideas, many marketers copy the concept of others by making some customizations. It reduces the brand value rather than promotion. In short, the viral content must be entertaining, promotional as well as original too.

Mobile Marketing

When it comes to the implementation of multichannel marketing techniques, mobile marketing comes at a topmost position. It is a way of utilizing all mobile approaches including SMS, social media & mobile applications. Promoting a product or service through mobile platforms is the latest and highly effective method because almost every person who uses the internet has a smartphone or tablet. While executing campaigning, the marketers commit some silly mistakes that ruin the entire purpose. Here is a list: –


  1. Considering mobile experience similar to a desktop is the biggest mistakes that many marketers are currently committing. While creating mobile ads, they just shrink the size without changing the content.
  2. Failing to identify user behavior during mobile marketing campaigning is a big mistake. Some marketers advertise without understanding the base of their customers. Starting a campaign without knowing the behavior of the relevant customer is a big pitfall.
  3. Misleading information is another big drawback in mobile marketing. Some marketers illustrate misleading information to attract users through mobiles. It may divert adequate traffic but no conversion. Even it acts as spam and users might report the content.

Email Marketing

Primarily, email marketing is done for customers’ information at different intervals. Simple tricks like email marketing are unsuccessful or not resulting up to the mark if you start off on the wrong foot due to the following reasons.

  1. New subscribers to your email recipient list are not made to feel welcomed into your database. They must feel that they have started a deal with someone professionally strong with a serious focus on their quality of services.
  2. The most common mistake is not providing quality content into the mail. This means not being Professional, being more Sales driven, Not meeting customers’ expectations, high frequency of emails, adding common images, texts, phrases, etc.
  3. Talking about how great your products/services are rather than telling them the benefits they will get through them.
  4. Not choosing the appropriate time to start email marketing a professional strategy that is implementing too late or too early.
  5. Developing database with ignorance for the mobile users and providing only limited access to your website. This limits your overall audience.

Social Media Marketing

Considering the definition, many people think that social media marketing doesn’t have the desired results in store so they dismiss it as a professional procedure without getting a deep insight. Other than this, the following major mistakes are made to make social media marketing ineffective even if implemented.

  1. Jumping into social media marketing without any well-defined plan. A plan considering everything including goals, budget, KPIs etc. must be laid out before implementation.
  2. Key performance indicators for any social media platform must be very specifically determined. Many marketers fall into the trap of vanity metrics.
  3. One mistake is to treat different social media platforms at the same level. The popularity a business gets on different platforms varies with the users and must be given different weights.
  4. Not engaging in conversations with the target audience has to be one of the major concerns. If people are not attracted to social media content by conversing about it to others, the whole purpose of social media marketing will be in danger.
  5. Another mistake is to collect social followers just for a good number to display rather than concentrating on the actual paying customers to increase.
  6. Two-Way communication is very important. Rather than just blabbering about your activities, customers must feel that the platform is effective enough to listen to what they have to say.


Affiliate marketing

As affiliate marketing consists of the brand (retailer), publisher (affiliate), and the customer, it is the point of view of the retailer from where the mistakes start to seep in the process. The following mistake may have a negligible or a negative effect on the business.

  1. Picking the wrong product to promote through an affiliate has to be the major mistake. There are various products that can be promoted but choosing the most appropriate one can be a challenge.
  2. Promoting too many products under the same technique doesn’t work as well. Covering different products needs a different amount of concentration.
  3. Not keeping track of the performance of the website and content management will always have an adverse effect on the overall result. The business will never learn from its mistakes if it doesn’t know those have been made.
  4. Not being up to date about the latest techniques will leave you behind the competition every time you try to promote yourself.

Digital Public Relations

It means to gain high-quality backlinks by featuring your website on different platforms visited by target potential customers. These platforms can include various other websites, podcasts, social media etc. Now, the following mistakes are made from the side of a business in implementing this technique.

  1. As the digital environment for businesses is ever changing, having a clear set of goals is a must otherwise adapting to strategic implementation is impossible.
  2. Having high expectations leads to vague and instant decisions, which in turn would never lead to expected results. So, not having enough patience never helps.
  3. Get a confirmation about what you have achieved so far and what is still to be achieved. This helps in knowing what went wrong or what worked as a strength the previous time it was used.


Keeping all the above points in mind, it is evident that these strategies have covered a major share of how business marketing works through digital media. As digital media marketing is very significant, someone or the other is bound to commit these mistakes, but if you are not one of those, the chances of your success will be evidently higher.

You probably know, with great power in your hands, comes greater responsibility. In this situation, digital marketing technology is the power and your responsibility is to utilize it effectively without committing those common mistakes that most others do. Also, you must understand what works today may not work tomorrow, so keep up with the latest techniques and not following this criterion may be another mistake you may commit.

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