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How to Create Unique Content for Multi-Location Businesses

by | Sep 5, 2016 | Content Marketing, Tips | 1 comment

    It is painful for businesses with multiple locations to frame unique, appealing content for each individual location page. Let’s suppose the following conditions to understand more about the issue:

    • Assume you want to create a unique and attractive content that target relevant Local Keywords for your services.
    • You are offering the same services and products in all cities.
    • You don’t understand how to combine the above points.


    What if we don’t make Unique Local Content for each individual location page?

    Either Google will Penalize you for duplication or you will end up in annoying and repelling your Potential Customers. So, what can businesses like this should do to improve SEO of their multi-location pages?

    In this situation, the worst thing to do will be creating a series of webpages with all the same things except the name of cities i.e. you have changed the name of cities in all webpages keeping the other things same.

    Search Engines will likely see these as duplicate content and can flag as spam.

    So, what else can be done?

    Here are some of the Tactics to create different content for multi-location webpages:

    1.  Telling customer’s stories from different locations:

    Your story will be same no matter what the city is – But definitely the story of your Customers from different locations will be different, isn’t? Add various Customer experiences. Different testimonials will be counted as unique content for different web pages.

    2. What’s different about the area you are serving?:

    Each area has its own qualities, explore them. Find the challenges you are facing in serving the same services in different locations. Use these challenges to create Unique content for your website. This is a great Idea to get a different and genuine content.

    3. Photos and Videos:

    If you don’t have pictures of your job, you can have pictures of the local landmark. You can have photographs of inside office, neighborhood, building, employees, employees serving customers, awards, events, etc. This is a very big missed opportunity, since photos allowed you to add descriptive keywords in the image filename and ALT text.  You can also add video of the work you do or the testimonial video. This will also consider as different content.

    4. Hire a professional content writer:

    Content Writers can write more easily for multi-location web pages. Some of the contents would be same in all your web pages. So the content writer can put these things in different ways with little modification.

    5. Blog Regularly!:

    Blogging is a good way to keep the content Unique. If you are struggling with unique content, writing blog about different locations, different stories in each location, challenges and solutions in each story can add advantage to your website. In this way, you can also target specific keywords.