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Biggest SEO Trends To Look For In 2022

by | Jun 2, 2022 | SEO | 0 comments

    SEO is a constantly evolving industry, bringing unstoppable website traffic and high-quality businesses to brands. According to Backlinko’s research, 49% of marketers believe that organic traffic provides the best ROI for their company. In order to rank higher, factors such as backlinks, social shares, and traffic must be taken into account. To summarize, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you must follow all SEO trends that come your way.

    SEO is similar to Google Trends, whose algorithms are  constantly evolving for the better. So, if you don’t keep up with these patterns, you may experience FOMO and lose control of most of your initiatives. This article will go over some of the latest SEO trends that are critical for your online business’s bright and prosperous future.

    All of the updates have been generated following Google Trends 2022. A few things might recur from 2021, but they are all important parts of the approach that you must not overlook. We will get started with the SEO trends but before that, let’s understand how SEO works.

    What is SEO, and How does it work?

    SEO is the practice of increasing SERFs to drive organic and natural traffic to your website. When your website is at the top of Google’s search results, it is more likely to be clicked and generate more revenue.

    The process of SEO involves the following steps:

    • Identify keywords with a high search potential and relevant to your business. 
    • Create high-quality content using those keywords and optimize it for users and search engines.
    • Incorporate relevant and useful links to your site for better visibility.
    • Analyze and measure your results.  

    Now let’s circle back to SEO trends 2022.

    Here we go,

    IndexNow API

    SEO Trends

    IndexNow is an open-source protocol that will alert search engines like Google whenever you make any change to your website. It automatically increases your website’s exploratory crawling efficiency. When you publish new content on your website, all search engines, including the one in the first place, are notified of the change. This way, your content will show up for relevant searches immediately. That is why IndexNow API is listed on top of SEO trends. 

    Microsoft debuted this feature in 2021, and it is supported by practically all search engines, including Yandex and Bing. IndexNow has launched a carbon-neutral project that aligns well with Google’s goal of becoming a 100% sustainable power company by 2030.

    There are three steps to enable the IndexNow API:

    • Download and create the API from Bing.
    • Then upload that downloaded file to the roof of your server.
    • Use the following URL parameters to submit the majority of individual URLs to different search engines:


    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    According to a survey published by Fortune Business Insights in 2020, the worldwide intelligence industry might reach $641.3 billion by 2028. Artificial intelligence is quickly approaching the point where it will govern every industry. Even the presence of A.I. now determines Google’s ranking factor. The Google A.I. algorithm is constantly changing, so you must stay up to date on it. Its RankBrain algorithm developed a few years ago played a big impact on Google’s ranking on SERPs. 

    As per recent SEO industry headlines, everyone should optimize their SEO for RankBrain. Specific details are not confirmed by some experts who believe that user experience is one primary factor determined by RankBrain. High-quality content, click-through rate, backlinks, and other factors can all help. 

    Passage Indexing

    Passage indexing is the latest addition to Google’s new algorithm. It can prove to be of great use for people who fail to drive the desired traction with the help of their long-form content. According to the update, Google will now index web pages while employing the natural language processing feature to comprehend the meaning of each paragraph inside the page. A particular section of your article will appear in the search results for related queries even if it is submerged deep inside the main topic. As per a report by Google’s Cathay Edwards, by 2020, Passage Indexing will affect 7% of search inquiries in various languages. The data shows that P.I. will significantly impact your ranking, making it a crucial part of your SEO strategy. 

    Search Intent

    In today’s generation, it’s more critical than ever to put the user’s search intent and behavior first. Users will turn to Google to understand or solve their problems. When companies provide them with content they’ve been looking for, they can form a strong bond with the business, which is advantageous to your work. Examine their search query in detail, then create interesting, high-quality content that piques their interest. Even Google has acknowledged this factor, and brands who follow the E.A.T. principles to develop appealing content are ranked higher.

    The characters E.A.T. stand for:

    Eat stands for expertise, which means one must acquire complete knowledge and information about their niche to create expert content.

    It is necessary to have a strong internet presence for search engines to recognize one’s authority.

    One must provide correct information to its users to gain their trust and loyalty for the future.

    Video Content

    Video Content - SEO Trends

    According to wyzowl (video creating tool), 86% of businesses use videos as a necessary marketing tool. It has become extremely crucial to include this in your marketing strategy. You can create a remarkable storyline and build a strong connection with your audience through videos. They are considered to be more engaging and admired by almost every individual. According to a report by Statista, online video viewers are expected to reach 248.9 million by 2022. They prefer it over long-form content and can easily digest information through videos. 

    Voice Search

    Voice Search - SEO Trends

    According to research by Backlinko, 85% of consumers consider voice search as “the future.” Another report stated that 4/10 individuals in the U.S. perform at least one voice search every day. Nowadays, every search engine tool has incorporated the feature of voice search to make things easier and more interesting for its users. Not just that, even people have become accustomed to speaking in these tools for their search queries. Hence, it has become essential for every business to optimize their content for voice search if they want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can perform this task in the following ways:

    • Optimize your content for local searches as it is an important segment for voice searches. Include relevant SEO keywords in your copy and see the results. 
    • F.A.Q. Section answering queries of your target audience is also a great way to optimize your content for voice searches. 
    • Include long-tail keywords that your potential clients will use at most times. For example, how to be a good public speaker etc. 


    A report stated that Google considers the mobile version of your website as the main version. That is why SEO experts need to focus on creating a compelling mobile user experience for your website. Try to keep things as simple as possible to make your website user-friendly for small devices. Make sure to personalize your content as per your user’s needs. This is no surprise, as around 75% of internet users will perform online activities via their mobile phones by 2025. Google completely focuses on your mobile website for ranking making it necessary to create a mobile responsive site for your business. Try using tools like Google’s Mobile Usability Report to analyze the issues with your mobile website in order to make necessary changes for a better user experience. 


    Another upgrade that is emerging at a faster rate is SEO automation. Every step of the SEO process has benefited from automation, from technical audits to search intent analysis. The AI-generated content will increase the number and quality of your website’s content automatically. Because of the automation process, in-house SEO roles will be able to focus on other SEO techniques for greater performance.

    Core Web Vitals

    Core web vitals have become one of the Google ranking factors in 2022. 

    It is one essential component of the page experience. It has become the part of signals like Safe Browsing, HTTPS, Mobile Friendliness, and Intrusive Interstitial that determines the ranking of your page. 

    The major factors of core web vitals are:

    • Largest Contentful Paint (L.C.P.): It is the time taken to load the page’s largest content.
    •  First Input Delay (FID): It’s the time taken by your website to respond to a user’s initial contact with it.
    • Cumulative Layout Shift (C.L.S.): The total number of layout changes that occur during a website page’s lifetime. 

    Long-Form Content Strategy

    Long-form content strategy is an excellent way to captivate the interest of your readers. Some studies have shown that long-form content gathers more likes and shares than short form content. When your content gains more shares, it is better to increase its ranking on search engines. Try to break your content into different sub-sections using heading tags H1 and H2. Your readers find it easy to understand the content with such sub-headings. Also, make sure that your content is easily shareable on different platforms, especially on mobile devices. This way, you build SEO-friendly content. 

    In Conclusion,

    SEO is a trend that will not fade away very soon. It’s a rapidly evolving field that constantly introduces new and exciting notions. When you apply the mentioned above SEO trends 2022 into your marketing approach, you will notice good changes in your business almost immediately. These processes are simple to follow and won’t take much time, so make sure you do your homework and follow these tried-and-true procedures.