5 Powerful Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

5 Powerful Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

To grow your Business in the current scenario, you either adopt Inbound Marketing or fall by the wayside as your customer flocks to your competitors. When you embrace Inbound Marketing, you will be capturing leads like an expert hunter.

Inbound Marketing is the technique of getting found by the customers, who are already searching for your products and services online. These techniques are more natural, targeted and cost effective for reaching today’s customer as compared to the old outbound strategies.

Imagine the Situation:

Which person do you think will be more likely to buy a car? a) A person who has received a message “Buy this car!” or b) A person who was searching for the car and found the perfect one on his own. Well, we all know the obvious winner. Let’s take another situation: There are 2 things, one is a pop ad (outbound) and other is a funny infographic (inbound) that you choose to look at. Which is more natural and likely to engage? Again the Inbound.

The above situations are enough to convince you that Inbound Marketing is better for driving leads and sales. Below are the 5 powerful elements of it:



Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the content and structure of the website so that you can receive organic placement in SERPs. A quality website and optimized content ensure that Google will index your site’s content to appear free for the people searching.

It comprises of complicated techniques, but which is more important? Start by identifying and utilizing the important keywords which are having high search volume. Using long phrases over 2-word keyword is better. Google keyword planner, moz, and many other tools can be used to find influential and important keywords.



Although PPC is paid, but still considered as inbound because it is shown on the top of SERPs for relevant customer queries. You don’t have to find the clients as they will find you according to their requirements. It gives a big opportunity to grow the online business with more profit.



After getting customers from PPC and SEO, you need to provide good content to them.  Using fresh and useful content for stopping them on your site is a critical factor. Your content should address their queries and hence reduce the bounce rate. The more educational content you create, the more customers will remain engaged in the sales process.


Now, what? You will not get the profitable result of your content until you promote it with Social Media. Creating a content is just a small piece of work. You can ensure that the content reaches to the targeted audience by Social Media. Your clients can be on multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

You need to figure out that which channel is best for the promotion of your content. It’s better to create a Social Media Promotion plan so that you can analyze the metrics efficiently and can have more experiments.



Guest Blogging is ideal for getting strong backlinks and bigger audience at the same time. It will not only drive the traffic to your site but will also increase the revenue. However, not all guest posts yield good results. You should understand that how to effectively produce the right content.

There are thousands of inbound techniques to grow your business, but these 5 are powerful for a start. Pick one, try and see the impact it makes on your business.

How to Create Unique Content for Multi-Location Businesses

How to Create Unique Content for Multi-Location Businesses

It is painful for businesses with multiple locations to frame unique, appealing content for each individual location page. Let’s suppose the following conditions to understand more about the issue:

  • Assume you want to create a unique and attractive content that target relevant Local Keywords for your services.
  • You are offering the same services and products in all cities.
  • You don’t understand how to combine the above points.


What if we don’t make Unique Local Content for each individual location page?

Either Google will Penalize you for duplication or you will end up in annoying and repelling your Potential Customers. So, what can businesses like this should do to improve SEO of their multi-location pages?

In this situation, the worst thing to do will be creating a series of webpages with all the same things except the name of cities i.e. you have changed the name of cities in all webpages keeping the other things same.

Search Engines will likely see these as duplicate content and can flag as spam.

So, what else can be done?

Here are some of the Tactics to create different content for multi-location webpages:

1.  Telling customer’s stories from different locations:

Your story will be same no matter what the city is – But definitely the story of your Customers from different locations will be different, isn’t? Add various Customer experiences. Different testimonials will be counted as unique content for different web pages.

2. What’s different about the area you are serving?:

Each area has its own qualities, explore them. Find the challenges you are facing in serving the same services in different locations. Use these challenges to create Unique content for your website. This is a great Idea to get a different and genuine content.

3. Photos and Videos:

If you don’t have pictures of your job, you can have pictures of the local landmark. You can have photographs of inside office, neighborhood, building, employees, employees serving customers, awards, events, etc. This is a very big missed opportunity, since photos allowed you to add descriptive keywords in the image filename and ALT text.  You can also add video of the work you do or the testimonial video. This will also consider as different content.

4. Hire a professional content writer:

Content Writers can write more easily for multi-location web pages. Some of the contents would be same in all your web pages. So the content writer can put these things in different ways with little modification.

5. Blog Regularly!:

Blogging is a good way to keep the content Unique. If you are struggling with unique content, writing blog about different locations, different stories in each location, challenges and solutions in each story can add advantage to your website. In this way, you can also target specific keywords.

5 Most Logical Reasons to have a Responsive Website Design

5 Most Logical Reasons to have a Responsive Website Design

In the time of Web Designing and Development, the use of Mobile devices is increasing at an astronomical pace. Globally, traffic from mobile has doubled between 2012 and 2013.  Hubspot report that in 2014, mobile devices accounts for 25% of global Internet traffic and by 2015 mobile use of internet has overtaken the desktop Internet usage. By 2016, revenue from mobile content is predicted to reach $65 billion. According to Hubspot, if a user lands on your website through their mobile and get frustrated or doesn’t see what they are looking for, there is a 61% chance they will leave your website immediately and go to another website.

Unfortunately, many of our websites are not optimised for Mobile devices. The prohaloweenblem is due to the display size of the mobile devices as it requires a different approach to show content on this device. Also we can’t make different websites for the iPhone or for the Android. It would be impractical thing to do. So now the question is, should we just bear the consequences of sacrificing traffic from one device for the sake of other? Or do we have any other option? Yes, we do have!

Responsive Web Design is a procedure which suggests that design and development of a website should acknowledge to users behaviour and the environment according to the device, screen size and orientation. This approach is a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and a smart use of CSS media queries. The change of layout is based on the size and capabilities of the devices. For example, a phone user would see the content in a single column while in case of Tablet, it might be shown in 2 columns.  Responsive design was originally introduced in 2010 by Ethan Marcotte through “A List Apart” article and by far the most popular and globally used method for designing a mobile website.

There is also one more method for creating mobile websites – Mobile Templates. It is completely a different thing. This requires a another mobile-only website or sub domain other than your main domain and still not made according to different sizes of your device. This will create a issue regarding user experience and behaviour.

Below are the 5 undeclinable reasons that show the need of Responsive design for your website:

1. Mobile Usage is booming:

Smartphones and mobile devices are quickly becoming the desired method to access Internet i.e. our customers are increasingly going on mobile. So creating a mobile friendly website would be a good benefit. But what if you create a mobile friendly website, but your customer’s experience and interaction (in terms of visibility and navigation) with your website is still poor? They will for sure move to the competitors website. So, this is a very big reason for changing your website from standard to responsive.

2. Recommended by Google:

Google may penalize you if you don’t have a mobile friendly website. As per the Google, the websites that are mobile friendly too will rank better because they are providing a better user experience than the other websites. So, if you think search engine optimization(SEO) is important, then your site better is responsive.

3. Social Media Exploding usage on Mobile:

People are using social media mostly on their mobiles. There is a 0.01% chance that if a mobile user comes from any social media platform to your site and his experience with you is poor, will come later on your site from a desktop. Unfortunately, obviously he will move to your dear competitor’s website! Half of your social media marketing efforts are also wasting as you are not able to grab a mobile user.

4. Adapts to multiple devices:

This means no matter what the screen size is, if a user is viewing your website, it will display properly on their screen. The Responsive web design will improve the visibility of the content and navigation inside the website for the user hence proving good user experience.

5. Cost Effective:

Don’t you think that the cost of creating a responsive website will be low as compared to creating multiple websites for multiple devices? Creating multiple websites will not only be costly but also difficult to handle. Building responsive website designs will be a smart idea.The above logics shows that there is no harm in making websites responsive rather than standard, as ultimately it is increasing our traffic to the website. There is NO doubt left in the fact that the Responsive Web Design is very crucial for today’s web design point of view.

So why not, let’s Go Responsive!
Social Media Marketing – The Big Trend Explained

Social Media Marketing – The Big Trend Explained

June 30th, 2016 was marked as seventh-annual official global celebration of Social Media Day. Started by Mashable in 2010, it is a way to appreciate and celebrate Social Media’s impact on worldwide communication. Hundreds of cities around the globe have already officially endorsed this Day. People have attended Meetups and those who can’t join in person, join the global conversation online via the hashtag #SMDay as a manner to reflect and honor the global blooming of social media. The way social networks have impacted our professional and personal lives is far greater than most of us could have expected.

True Impact of Social Media on Trade

Marketing through social media is the ground for the the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. The brand and consumer relationship has changed dramatically. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that SMM was important for their business, with 80% indicating increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently engaging in these platforms. This validate a huge potential for SMM to increase sales. These not only forming closer relationship with customers, but also driving traffic and increasing sales. It allows companies to share ideas and news and spread promotions. Millions of people, who may have not been targeted through the traditional marketing practices, can now be targeted on these platforms.

Social Media Engagement Techniques That Work

What actually SMM do is, gaining attention from right traffic through different social media sites. Each Platform has its own importance as each target to a particular category of people and have specific key feature. Framing Marketing Strategies by deducing each Social media site is the best way to get traffic like this.

  • Twitter – It helps you to air your updates across the web. Following tweeters of related industry will give you an endless list of followers in return.
  • Linkedin – It is one of the most professional social marketing sites. Linkedin groups are the prominent venue to enter in a professional arena with people of same industry and provides a space to share content in right people.
  • Facebook – It requires creating your Facebook Business Fan Page and then posting industry-related articles, images, videos, etc.
  • Google+ – The Hangouts, +1s and hashtags , if used properly, can result in a fantastic page popularity. And because it’s google, it will give direct impact to you search engine ratings.
  • Pinterest – Businesses that give quality visual content have a distinct advantage. An image pinned by a highly-followed Pinterest member has the more possibility to reach millions of viewers.
  •  Youtube – The most popular video oriented site and 2nd largest Search Engine owned by google.

Apart from individual significances of social media, there are some common tactics that should be use for every business marketing.

  • Profiles – Creating and maintaining a blog and relevant social media accounts, engaging interested people, sharing valuable content and eventually building a stream of followers and visitors. If you’re not creating profiles on social platforms for your small business, you’re already behind.
  • Content – Providing informational, interesting and less promotional content will keep you genuine and away from spamming, giving good impact of yours to search engines too.
  • Blogs – Successful online businesses have blogs. These are the great way of communication and search engine optimization.
  • Marketing Gamification – It is also an important technique that indirectly promotes your brand or services by creating your own viral content.
  •  Analytics – Tracking your campaigns and strategies is also one of the most important thing to grow as it will let you know what’s working and what not.
  • Mobile Sites – Creating a mobile site will always be an advantage. In coming years, if it’s not mobile, it won’t exist.

Social media is changing rapidly. The effective use of SMM techniques will give businesses the chance to offer tough fight to popular brands. And If present trends continue, we can expect to see new and innovative social media platforms making more impact to our Business.

Blogging Tips That You Can Start Using Today

Blogging Tips That You Can Start Using Today

If you would like to have a successful bog, consider tying a common theme into your content. If visitors like what you have to offer, more than likely they will return to see what else you have to provide. Whether you want to create a humor blog or one related to film, anyone can create a unique and interesting blog.

Use as many links to your posts as possible. Link to other blogs and articles that you find interesting. It’s also a smart idea to consider linking to university or news sites that support the claims you make in your posts. These links can help convince readers that your content is trustworthy.

In longer blog posts that you make, it is important that you separate the article and use subheadings throughout. That will make your blog more readable, which will give you bigger readership. It is simple for you to do this, and will really raise the quality of your blogging.

Use lists in your blog posts. For instance, when writing about cooking, include lists of ingredients or the kitchen tools needed to create a memorable dish. If you write about rebuilding the engine of your 1967 Volkswagen, include a list of parts needed. Lists allow readers to find the information they need easily, and make it easy to absorb.

You should allow guest posts to help increase blog traffic. Guest posting helps you network with other bloggers, and doing this can pay dividends in the future. It’s amazing what having a tight circle of bloggers will do for your site! Perhaps that blogger will be able to return the favor one day.

Try being authentic. It’s important not to come off like you think you know everything. Be honest, transparent and open to new ideas. Do this always. Blogging is known to be the best way for a person to express their individuality. Strive for improvement not perfection. If you are incorrect, then you are incorrect. Ultimately, people will want to read your content because of the unique spin you put on it.

Stick to topics whose relevance won’t be fading any time soon. Blogging about constantly in demand topics is a smart tactic that will ensure that readers will still visit your blog years from now.

If you have a lot to say about a particular topic, create a multi-part series of postings on that topic. A blog that is really long is hard for a reader to deal with. Therefore, you should break up your posts into smaller pieces, making it easier for your readers to read.

Think about making a custom homepage for the blog. If you use a blog site, the basic system simply lists recent posts, which is not always aesthetically pleasing. When you create a homepage that is customized and tailored to you, you can create something much more interesting than the basic form on many blogging sites. In addition to providing a more attractive look and feel, doing this is also likely to help you generate more traffic driven by the search engines.

Don’t forget to look to current events when trying to come up with blog content. Be on the lookout for stories that will fit well with the rest of the content on your blog. For instance, if your blog deals with dog obedience, include news items featuring area dog shows. Your readers are likely to find this kind of information interesting.

Write a blog about things people want to know about. Everyone has general day-to-day chores, such as washing the dishes or vacuuming. Without a gimmick or an extremely engaging writing style, stories about boring everyday life won’t pick you up any readers. Always try to choose a topic that is interesting, and you feel like readers will love. Blogging success, after all, relies on your ability to attract readers.

If you are serious about blogging, buy a custom domain name rather than hosting your blog on a free service like Blogger best weight loss pills for women. Though there will be some initial expense involved, your blog will have a professional appearance. Visitors will have less trouble remembering the blog if its title includes your business name.

As was previously discussed, a blog can be interesting if it’s insightful and fresh. You can generate greater interest within posts by including photos, videos and expert opinions. Remember to use all the tips in the above article, and you will soon be running a successful blog.