Untold Success Story of Sarahah: The Anonymous Honesty App That Took The App Store By Storm

Untold Success Story of Sarahah: The Anonymous Honesty App That Took The App Store By Storm

Are you on Sarahah? The anonymous messaging app is on top of the download charts these days and here’s everything that you might be looking for about this mysterious app!

Downloaded by millions of people across the globe, the app has managed to hit #1 in App Store in 30 countries including the US, UK, and France (As per the 1 month stats mentioned in its official tweet). Within its very first month of launch, Sarahah enjoyed more than 250 millions visitors and 1 billion page views!!!

The phenomenal performance of the honesty app seems pretty startling and of course mind-bending to app makers. Given the record-breaking figures, people are trying to know more about its usability, origin, and what made it so successful!

You too interested? Dive in and find out every nook and cranny about this new, most hyped honesty app.

So basically what’s Sarahah and Honesty App?

Meaning honesty in Arabic, Sarahah is an interesting concept created as an anonymous way to offer supportive criticism in the workplace. It is meant for team members for somewhat secret one-way communication…at least that was the idea of the makers initially!

Here are some enticing facts about the app in brief:

Developed by Tawfiq, the concept was finally launched as an app after its success in Arab. With contribution of a third-party company, an iOS app was introduced to the App Store on June 13, 2017. That was the time the app first became available in English. Within its first week only, it received over 2 mn unique visitors.

Here are some enticing facts about the app

On July 5, Snapchat also released a new update and just three days after this, for the first time, Sarahah jumped to top 1500 apps in App Store (as stated by analytics by Sensor Tower). Post 4 days, it again promoted to 104th position. Then 2 days later, the rank was #17 and finally three days later, Sarahah surpassed the records and claimed #1 position on the App Store. This made it leave behind all the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and rest of the popular platforms.

What made Sarahah buzz of the town?

Only positive word of mouth couldn’t be credited as the sole reason for record-breaking performance of the app. Coming over to the business point of view, there’s something more than the hypes. We tried to look deep on to the app and other factors and here’s what we found equally responsible for its success.

For a regular user, the app brings a new, innovative, and engaging app which offers them a way to connect to the people they know without those people knowing anything about “who sent what!” This is the first reason why Sarahah gained so much popularity from users across the globe. Yes we know that there have been some similar like Yik Yak, After School, and Secret in the recent and far away past, yet there’s something about it that lures the people.

Also, the idea that it’s the latest option available right now and has somewhat brought back the old concept the new way has also triggered users to secretly share their thoughts about the people they know.

This idea of an anonymous app at the time when people are so involved in social networks and communication is yet another plus point.

From the business eye…THE SNOWBALL EFFECT…

The app seems to have followed the snowball effect, which is characterized by people being influenced by their friends and colleagues for something and then joining the same row. Let’s make it clear to you with the help of an example.

You are probably on Sarahah now…ever guessed why!!!

Let’s say one of your friend shared his/her Sarahah profile link with you inviting you to share your thoughts about them secretly. You ignored first but tempted to find out what it is and finally clicked the link.

You saw the page and found it interesting to leave comments about your friends that they wouldn’t find out you sent. Then you thought why you should be different and you created an account and shared your profile link with your friend as well.

That’s where the whole game begins. This SHARING is the base of Sarahah getting viral tremendously all over the social media as users have been posting the comments they received ever since they joined the app.

***A few people checked out the app, they shared the link and comments with their friends or public on different social networks, and then more people joined it….and the series continued***

Now interestingly, a normal user doesn’t calculate and do the aftermath. People try something for a reason or for nothing, they like it and they connect with it. But business doesn’t go like that. If the app is at the top of App Store today, it is owing to several factors that contributed towards its success.

From marketing perspective, Sarahah seems to have been successful due to the hype created by people and strong presence of social networks to promote and share it.

If you understand the idea, you will be able to know why the previous apps couldn’t be that successful…due to less craze and role of social media in their lives.

There are some other things as well that make it somewhat better:

  • Revived version of the old concept
  • Better interface and UI
  • Social media kick
  • Of course, positive word of mouth and the viral stage

And it’s secret you know~!

What can be improved?

Even though the app is on the hitlist of users these days, there are a few points we’d like it to add or improve, including:

  • No options to delete sent comments.
  • If you don’t have app version, you won’t be able to share the comments directly from within the app.
  • Too many spams.

Beware of the SPAMS…

Soon after people joined the app, they have been receiving spam messages with the name of Sarahah for eg, Sarahahcheck.com, Sarahahemoji.com.

These spams invite you to download third-party apps in exchange of revealing usernames of anonymous senders. Users are recommended to ignore and keep a check on such spams and share no information on such sites.

Beware of the SPAMS

These spams invite you to download third-party apps in exchange of revealing usernames of anonymous senders. Users are recommended to ignore and keep a check on such spams and share no information on such sites.


Our Opinion

Well it might be too early to comment anything on the app yet the benchmark it has set within such a short span is worth analysis. So we paid a little attention and came to the thought that Sarahah seems to be an interesting app with potential to sustain longer. Yet for now, it is no exception to flaws and needs a couple of improvements in some aspects.

Despite the doubts regarding how anonymous the app really is or the involvement of spammy third-party apps and ads, the platform is anyhow able to engage users and might be expected to come up with something different and new features in the near future (that’s what we hope). Keeping all this aside, Sarahah seems fun and something unusual than the regular FB, Twitter, or WhatsApp, which makes it more appealing to us and to everyone around.

Posts on Google for Small Businesses: Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

Posts on Google for Small Businesses: Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd

Haven’t got a Google My Business Account yet?

You better sign up!!!

Businesses, brands, celebs, and everyone else has been posting content on Google previously as well, but with Posts on Google, the search giant has recently introduced a completely new way to do so. Released on June 22, 2017, the all new Posts on Google feature offers you a new, better way of sharing fresh content with the target audience and everybody who is searching you online.

We know you may have read or heard of the feature already, but do you exactly know what it packs for the local businesses? Not only freshen up your online visibility but Posts on Google can  help your local business improve and pitch new customers too!

Hop on and go through this complete post to understand every nook and cranny about Google’s new posting feature.

Who Can Use Posts on Google

The feature was initially released during US election for candidates to post relevant content. Later, it was made available for a few categories only, including:

  • Sports teams
  • Museums
  • Sports leagues
  • Movies in the US
  • Musicians in brazil

As per its commitment, Google lately made the feature available for small businesses as well. That’s the main part of the story.

Posts on Google for small businesses is the hot topic in the local business sector. But to use it, there’s one condition that you need to fulfil, i.e. you must have a Google My Business account.

For those who already have an account on Google My Business, it is a one-click process to use the feature. For the unregistered users, they will first need to sign up for the service and then continue.

How to Use Posts on Google

Using the feature is no less than a cakewalk. In case you don’t have a GMB account, here’s a breakdown of steps to use Posts on Google:

  • Click on Request Access

How to Use Posts on Google

  • You will see a form asking some details, fill up the form according to your purpose with right information

How to Use Posts on Google 2

  • You will see a popup that reads “Thank you for joining the waitlist to Posts on Google.”

How to Use Posts on Google 3

  • If you want, you can also submit a new response to Posts on Google.

NOTE: For businessmen, select Business from the list of categories.

Once Google reviews your request and permits you the rights, you can start using the feature to make your brand more lively online. The interface seems similar to that of uploading a new post on Facebook.

For those who already have a registered account on Google My Business, their page will look somewhat like this:


Posting on Posts on Google is very easy. All you need to do is just type in the text, add images or several call to action buttons to your post. You can also schedule posts or create events. Another interesting feature is that you receive full updates regarding the views and interactions on your posted content.

Here’s what options you get while posting new content:

  • Option to add media, including Image, GIF, or video
  • Description – maximum 300 words
  • Event title
  • Start and end dates, and times for the event created
  • Learn More – to add your website link
  • Call-to-actions – Buy, Reserve, Get offer, Sign up, Newsletters

The post you upload instantly shows up on both mobile and desktop.

How Google Posts Looks in SERPs

Well, the posts do not show up in Google+ rather after creating a new post, a new column adds to your business listing in the SERPs. The effect is immediate and shows all of your latest posts (two posts at a time).

Below is an example of how the new posts look on your business listing in search results.

HGoogle Posts Looks in SERPs

What it means for small businesses?

With majority of people searching for local info online (i.e. via search engines like Google), the best place to promote your business is Google Listing (Not using it yet? Sign Up here). In the positive case scenario, where the audience already knows the business it is searching, they will anyway want to know detailed information on what the business offers and everything interesting about it.

That’s exactly the reason why Google My Business has introduced Posts to local businesses. By doing so, Google has offered the small businesses a simple way to drive new customers and establish stronger relationships with the existing ones.

How it can benefit small business?

Posts on Google helps businesses in a number of ways, some of which are:

  • Share Daily Offers: Sharing daily discounts, offers, current or temporary promotions that not only motivates new and existing customers but also lures them to try your offers.
  • Promotion: Great way of promoting products, services, events meanwhile informing customers about upcoming events at your location.
  • Products: Best place to display your products as well as list the new additions.
  • Connect With Audience: Options available to connect with the audience right from Google Listing. These options include – giving audience a one-click way for reservation, signing up for newsletters, get info about new offers, and buy particular products from your website.
  • Better Click-Through Rate: The feature will help businesses achieve improved click-through ratio from business listing.

How Small businesses can use it?

Around 82% of people use search engines for finding answers of their queries and 70% people research different businessmen before taking a final decision. With Posts on Google, businesses will be able to share regular, relevant updates and info on Google Search and Google Maps in order to help their businesses become visible to customers from the crowd.

With the ability to add call-to-action phrases (like “Reserve,” “Sign up,” “Learn more,” “Buy” or “Get offer.” ) to business listing, you can even decide the way you want to connect to your customers and target audience.

As already mentioned above, registered Google My Business users can start using the feature directly. You can create Posts anytime, anyplace with the help of Google My Business app for Android, iOS, and web.

If you haven’t signed up for Google My Business account yet, sign up today to get started with managing and improving your business listing on Google. Once Google verifies your business and details, you will be allowed to start posting content.

Anything else to know about Posts on Google?

Link Posts: The most interesting and probably the most important feature of Posts on Google is that it lets businesses link their posts to their own sites. This way, it can be used as a medium of driving more traffic, more sign-ups from newsletters, and more potential customers to particular product pages.

Postscript: One thing to note here is that the posts you upload are only visible for a week. After seven days of posting them, these posts automatically expires. Businesses all over have reported that they received a notification a day before saying the Google Post will expire.

Anything else to know about Posts on Google

Additional features

One good thing about the new feature is that Google has made it even simpler to use by offering a Help Center. So just in case you find yourself stuck with the options or anywhere while using the feature, you can simply visit the link above to get assistance.

Why You Should Start Using Google Posts Right Now…

  • The first and the best thing about Google Posts is that it’s available for free. Businesses can use it without actually paying a penny! It’s a part of your business listing options and all you need to spend is only your time.
  • Google loves fresh content and although nothing can be said if Google really follows it, yet the past experiences with rest of the Google features and services hints a little. When you post an updated listing and regularly post informative content on the search engine, the listing tends to show better in SERPs as compared to the ones without any update.
  • Who doesn’t love its own features! Google too loves it when you use its services and features. Being a business owner with a thought of expanding your business online, you gotta do what Google wants you to and Posts on Google seems no exception to that.

What this means for your Google Business Page.

Well, with the advent of Posts on Google, it seems more like Google’s effort to bring back its lost repo in social media marketing. Even though that does not mean that you will see Google+ coming back in form again, but it’s definitely something that can help businesses (especially local or small ones) maintain a better online presence and share relevant info/content with their customer base.

Google seems to be putting more power to business owners with the way they handle their search presence and customers. According to me, the feature can be somewhat more fruitful when combined with the targeted keywords in the text part of the posts. For more promotional benefit, even the media could contain links you think are good for your business.

From the customer’s’ point of view, the feature seems a new and better way to find latest info, offers, products, and services in their local region. This could be a plus for overall user experience not only from the business’ perspective but also for Google.
Our suggestion is to use the feature on a regular basis like weekly strategy for marketing your business. Then of course, sum it up with fresh content, call to actions, and active communication in your selected media outlets.

There’s no word if the feature would be a forever free service or the search engine will charge you for using it. But you can expect new enhancements to Posts on Google and introduction of many more interesting features to Google Business Page in near future.

Youtube SEO: Leveraging Most Influential Channel to Broadcast Your Business

Youtube SEO: Leveraging Most Influential Channel to Broadcast Your Business

More than 1 Billion unique users visit YouTube each month and 14% of the entire Internet traffic come from YouTube. Is your Business capturing any of this traffic?

The Internet never gets bored of watching videos and as you know, the major source of online videos is YouTube. It is the second largest search engine after Google with 100 hours of content uploaded every month. It is the primary way to learn and understand from anything to everything.

Because of being the most popular online video platform worldwide, it has become the goldmine of targeted users for business owners and online marketers. If you weren’t ranking high on this most visited website in the world, it’s the time for you to start thinking about it immediately. To take the full advantage of the opportunities offered by YouTube, you need to optimize it to rank your video content.

But how much SEO video marketing will help you in getting more traffic and high ranking on YouTube? How optimizing the YouTube videos can benefit you? Let’s understand the importance of SEO for a YouTube channel.

1. Search Engine Rankings

As YouTube is owned by Google, video results from YouTube often appear within the organic search results on Google itself. Also, Google wants to show the types of content that are most applicable to user’s query. That means many queries will have video results within the SERP. Google knows that many people find video explanation easier to understand than a standard article. So this means that a well-optimized video can get a place prominently on Google, drawing more traffic and to help you to establish your Brand.


2. A Video is better than a Website

Videos already make 64 percent of total internet traffic. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video has much more worth. If you are searching for “how to..” kind of information, what would you prefer – read an article or watch a video? Of course, you’ll not make effort to search, read and scroll a website and will prefer a video that will easily explain you the things that too in action with one click. Videos are actually more engaging than text information. This is because much information is crammed into one message thus, consumers can remember videos easily. If we talk specifically about YouTube videos, then you because of very high Domain Authority and already millions of established backlinks, the video will rank higher than a website.

3. Build trustworthy audience

With the feature of subscribing, you can have a collection of reliable people that are interested in your YouTube channel and actually enjoy your videos. These people will come back and explore your website for latest update. Subscribing is also an important user experience signal that YouTube uses to rank your video.

Now as we know the significance, let’s explore how to rank youtube videos on first page of Google to make sure your videos are discovered, watched and shared by your targeted audience.

1. Find Video Keywords

Like web SEO, YouTube video optimization also starts with keyword research. In this, you have to find video keywords i.e. the keywords that have results on the first page of Google.

There is a supercooled trick to choose video keywords.

Consider you optimize video around a keyword that has no video results on google. In this case, you will get traffic only from youtube. But if you optimize your video keywords for Google, you will get the targeted traffic from both Google and youtube to your video.

The best way to find video keywords is to search keywords in your niche manually and through  Google Keyword Planner.

Next step is to check whether the keywords finalized by you have YouTube search results.

Now, you have to the check if the keywords have enough volume. Don’t go for massive volume. According to Brian Dean, 300 searches per month is a minimum for Google. It’s because if you get 300 searches in Google then you’ll get enough searches on youtube itself.

2. Put More and More on Video

More you make your video awesome, more you’ll get out of it. You can hire even a videographer for that. You can also choose some inexpensive method to create a quality and interesting video.

Quality is important because it will directly affect the user engagement which is really a big ranking signal.

If your video is not valuable, no matter how perfectly you have optimized it.. It will never rank.

YouTube judge your video’s quality based on user interactions. Unlike Google, it doesn’t use backlinks and other signals to test the quality of your content.

Common user metrics are:

  • Video Retention-: The percentage of people that watch your video.
  • Comments-: Comments show that your video interests people.
  • Subscribes:-: If your video is amazing, people will subscribe to your YouTube channel. It is a big signal to youtube.

  • Shares-:Number of people that shared your video on social media.


  • Favorites-:Total number of people that favorite your video or added to the “watch later” playlist.
  • Thumbs up/ Thumbs down-:Likes and unlikes to your videos.

One additional tip is that make your video at least 5 minutes longer.

For example: on finding “local SEO techniques” on Youtube, the videos with time period more than 1 hour are ranking high as compared to other videos.

local SEO techniques

Longer videos surpass shorter videos on Google and youtube.

Also, don’t worry if your video is getting longer. Go for it. If it’s fantastic, people will see it.

3. Keeping in mind YouTube SEO while uploading it

Filename :- After creating an awesome video, make sure you put the keyword in your video filename while uploading. This will let the search engines know the niche of your video.  For example: If you want to rank for “Height growing tips”, you did want to name it as height_growing_tips_video.mp4.

Video Title :-
The Title of the video should be at least of 5 words. This will give a look of natural title and in that way, you can also include your keyword without keyword stuffing.

It will be more beneficial for you if you can put the keyword in the starting of the title.

Description :- This is very important because Google and youtube can’t understand your videos. They actually rely on the description of the video you provide.

Below are the basic guidelines for creating amazing optimized description:

  • Add link in the description

  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words of your content

  • Insert the keyword 3-4 times in the description

  • It should be of at least 250 words


Tags :- You can skip them as they are not super-important but they also don’t hurt. Just add keywords for the search engines to make them understand what your video is all about.

It will not only rank you for your keyword but will also show up as a related video in the sidebar portion of youtube.

Videos with the similar tag will add you in their sidebar.

4. Working on Video Views 

To rank for competitive keywords, you need to work on views. Views are directly proportional to the rankings, more the views more the ranking will be.

But the views should be real because youtube can catch fake views. To get the genuine targeted traffic, you can follow these techniques.

Video link in email signature

People email you when they like you. As many of us get a huge number of emails daily, you can add the link of your latest video in your email signature. Links in the email signature generates higher CTR.

Quora and other Online Communities

Quora, Yahoo Answers, and other Q&A are the most popular sites on the internet. Posting links to these sites where people are so much desperate to get information can generate an extremely huge traffic but that doesn’t mean that you spam these websites. They will ban you.

What you have to do is just search a question related to your video topic. Then thoroughly answer the question and add a link to your video. You can also embed your link in the answer.

Quora and other Online Communities

This will instantly get your video a few hundred very high-quality views.

Now, as you’ve uploaded and shared your video, it’s time see who is actually watching your videos. We can use Youtube Analytics here…

It will help you in understanding your audience and how they are engaging with your audience.

Go to your Youtube channel page and click on views on the top.



Click on views to go to  analytics directly.

Youtube analytics directly

This is the overview of your analytics. It has default settings of showing data of 28 days but it can be changed. For a quick snapshot of your performance, the overview section is the best place to go.

Each category has on the overview page has its own dedicated page with a more detailed explanation.

Watch time reports

The Watch time report gives a deep insight of the overall performance of your channel and can also help you in providing performance analytics of individual videos.

Within the watch time, you will see:

  • Watch time:

See which video of your channel is watched for how many minutes. Not only this, you also the views, You tube Red watch time, Youtube Red views, their geography, date and much more.

  • Audience retention:

It will let you know how much video of yours is being watched out on an average. It also shows the last column of average percentage viewed according to video, date, and geography.

  • Demographics:

Other than views, you can also see the demographic breakdown of your audience along with the watch time. Currently, it is divided into three insights: gender, age, and geography. For a local business, it can provide you with a helpful look into whether the videos are reaching the right audience of your business or not.

  • Playback locations:

It is one of the best features that you can find out that along with youtube, where your videos are embedded along with their views and watch time. People can share the videos on their websites and blogs. This is a great way to find the sites on which your videos are being viewed.

Playback locations


  • Traffic sources:

You can easily find out how people are finding your videos through youtube analytics. Common types of sources include YouTube search, YouTube suggested videos, YouTube search, and YouTube advertising.

  • Devices:

This report will let you know the devices and operating systems that people are watching your videos on. Common devices are the computer, mobile phones, tablets, TV and Game console. You can also dive deep in their own breakdown.

  • Engagement reports

After building an audience and sharing content on YouTube, you’ll wish to have an awareness of the type of engagement generated by the videos. Below are the different Engagement reports available in YouTube Analytics:

  • Subscribers

This is a great measure to calculate the success of your video content. It will let you know how many people have subscribed and unsubscribed to your channel. You should get more subscribers by thinking about what people are searching for and then creating a valuable content for them.

  • Likes and dislikes

It will help you to know the response of the people to your videos – both positive and negative. The interesting videos are supposed to get the most amount of likes. Other may not generate the same amount of likes but may play an important role in YouTube Strategy.

  • Favorites

It is a great indicator of engagement for your video. This report will let you know when the video is marked as a favorite and also when it is unmarked. After marking up, it will become a part of their favorite category on their personal YouTube profile.

  • Comments

Count how many comments you receive on each of your videos. It can be a great way to interact with the targeted audience. It will be best for you if you respond quickly to them. Try to avoid arguing in a comment thread as it will make you more professional.

In the end, it’s up to you on creating and optimizing YouTube videos. You should focus on your targeted audience to increase the level of relevancy. Make sure you ask your viewers to like, comment and share your videos in the end. You can also embed your videos within the blog post as it will help you in getting more traffic.

You will definitely see a hike in your YouTube video visitors if you religiously follow the above SEO tips. If you know any other SEO hack for YouTube videos or another innovative benefit of YouTube SEO, feel free to share with us via comments. Also, don’t forget to share this useful resource with your YouTuber friends on your Facebook and Google plus profile.

A Manual To Become A Prominent Social Influencer

A Manual To Become A Prominent Social Influencer

Becoming a Social Influencer has become one of the most effective ways to capture the modern day’s customers. The impact of influencers is going to increase with the time. It is now a powerful strategy to reach the audience in a non-pushy and non-promotional way.  They are seen as the leaders or the experts in their fields. There are a number of strategies to become a social influencer. But how to reach there? What are the key factors to be a proficient online influencer?

1. Always be Authentic

Inauthenticity for your own gains and being dishonest with your customers can put you into trouble. It is very important to be true, to yourself and your audience, to become a successful influencer. In Social Media, being inauthentic, just to help your gains and saying the things right, even if you are not sure about it, will create a dishonest reputation in your followers. This is the basic thing for becoming an influencer.

2. Build Audience

To represent yourself, you need to have a group of audience. You should Focus on quality of audience rather than the quality of them. Huge followers look good, but quality followers create engagement, impression, and reputation of your content over here. Try to find the Answers to these questions – Do your followers read your content? Do they trust you? If not, then you might be targeting wrong audience. Review your audience and their interests according to the content you are providing.

3. An Active and Useful Presence

Nowadays, many people are putting their content on social networking sites. It’s essential to stand out from them.  It would be a good idea to focus on a specific topic by going deep in that with messaging, engagements and content. Try to be the best and unique information provider for what you want to be influential for.

4. Don’t always Promote your Company

Many people believe that content marketing is just always writing about your company’s services and products. They think it’s only a way to show people how great and helpful products they are providing to them. Well, this perception is wrong. This kind of marketing is just a small part. A good rule is to provide 80% of the informative and useful content and 10-20% of the promotional content to the users.

5. Focus on Niche

Becoming a big fish in a small pond is very easy. Zeroing in any specific area(that you love and know all about it) will keep you on track and will lead you to get a status of influencer very quickly. You can generalize your niche later after setting your feet as an influencer.

6. Express Opinion

The influencer should freely express his thoughts and opinions without focussing on the fact that whether it is popular or not. This will make you stand out from others. He should be able to add the comments and opinions in the discussion and create reactions of it.

7. Guest Blogging

It is one of the quickest ways to gain the status of the influencer to share your unique content to other websites also. It increases visibility and traffic to your blog. After publishing content, let people know about it by sharing the link on facebook and twitter. Also put an eye on its comments, so that you can respond quickly to the remarks and questions. The benefits of Guest posting are numerous and can prove very effective for influencers.

8. Read Everyday

It’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest and the specific topics to gain valuable insights. Study expert opinions, case studies and news shared or published by your trustworthy people. This will enhance your knowledge and you will be able to give facts according to the references.

6 Principal Design Practices For A Perfect Landing Page

6 Principal Design Practices For A Perfect Landing Page

Landing page is a primary and a definitive part of successful inbound marketing practices. This page totally affect the leads, so every campaign you perform should be connected to a custom page – opposite to an ambiguous homepage where the visitors don’t know where to go. It is a quite tricky task to do. There are many elements of landing page that are supposed to be best.  Although there is no particular formula to get the perfect landing page, but there are some common rules that can help you in getting the perfect one.

Test As A User

While thinking of your landing page, it’s better to put yourself first in the visitor’s shoe. Ask some questions from yourself.

  • What information is important to effectively convey the key message to the visitor?
  • What are the main features in the user’s mind?
  • How can the products and services be communicated to the visitor?

Understanding user and his behavior are essential as it is key to get the desired results from the landing page. You can get a better acknowledgment of how user comes to your website and what he prefers. It will also give an idea of the formatting of elements in the page.

Use A Strong Call-To-Action That Stands Out

CTA is the action that you want from your client to click on. Whatever may the objective of landing page, we just want conversions. It’s very important for users to know what to do next after reading the landing page content. For this reason, it’s better to make your call-to-action big and above the fold. Using directional signs to your CTA is also a good practice. You can use words like “free”, “download now”, “buy”, etc navigate to this web-site. to attract the visitors as these words are more likely to get clicked. The CTA button should be bright, big and should stand out of the entire page.

Use Products Images and Videos

Creating a tempting video and image is the first step of engaging audience. Using videos of testimonials and images of the product can give a positive impact on the visitors. It will give them an extra push to look further.  Make sure you choose the images relevant to the content and is optimized. Including too many over-the-top images is also a bad idea as it will distract the user from the main content. So, choose images and videos wisely.

Compact and Clear Page Headlines

Your headline is the main thing that your customers will see on the landing page. It is very important that the headline and the content complement each other.  Having a consistent content between the ad and the landing page content is crucial. Also, the headline should not be complicated and bore and should attract them to take a deeper look of the page. It should tell people that what is the page about. Limiting your headline to six words would be a good practice.

Get To The Point

While designing the landing page, keep the things simple and get straight to the point. People come to your page for a reason. You should make sure that you address that reason clearly showing what services and products you are providing, are related to their interests and needs. Use clear headers, sub headers and bullets for points to make your content concise.

Using Contrasting Colors

Landing page designs are very important for online success. If you can’t clearly gat the attention of your visitor, then will loose them forever. You will always want your CTA to pop off clearly from your landing page. For this, make sure it’s easy for your visitors to know that from where they should complete the action. That’s why choosing the right colors for CTA is also crucial to grab the visitor’s attention.